Which Girl Can Handle the Limelight?
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 1
First aired November 25, 2012
Aired online December 14, 2012
Challenge winner(s) Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang
First call-out(s) Helena Chan
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Kyla Tan
Featured Photographer Todd Anthony Tyler
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Quirky Girls in Little India
Special guests Afton Chen, Louis Koh, Lauren Clarke Jensen
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Which Girl Can Handle the Limelight? is the first episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the first episode overall.

Episode Summary

The chosen fourteen girls were met by host Nadya Hutagalung at a high-end shopping district along Orchard Road in Singapore where she introduced the cycle's judging panel. Nadya then revealed that the girls would immediately get the competition started with a runway challenge. Some of the girls struggled with their outfit and walk, but ultimately it was Trang that was declared the winner, winning a $5,000 shopping spree from Wisma Atria for a new wardrobe.

After the challenge, the girls then move to their new house where they start to choose rooms and settle down.

The next day, the girls were brought to Little India for their first photo shoot where they were greeted by judge Daniel Boey along with designers Afton Chen and Louis Koh from Reckless Ericka. The girls were then ecstatic upon finding out that judge Todd Anthony Tyler would be their photographer for the shoot. They were then asked to model clothes from Reckless Ericka while working a prop and being quirky. Stephanie, Rachel, Jessica, and Helena impressed Tyler, most of the girls struggled to be quirky while working their prop.

After the shoot, Trang goes on a shopping spree as her prize for the challenge. Upon returning to the house, she brings presents for all the girls, to everyone's delight.

At panel, most of the girls received negative feedback from their shots. Stephanie, Rachel, and Helena impressed the judges for embracing the point of the shoot. Melissa expressed how she lacked experience in the industry but planned to absorb as much information as she could. Kyla was criticized for posing awkward instead of quirky during the shoot. Nadya asked Kate to present herself more properly when being called forward for critique. Ultimately, Melissa's inexperience and Kyla's flat performance landed them in the bottom two. In the end, Melissa was deemed to have more potential, and Kyla became the first girl to be eliminated.

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