Style & Taste
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 5
First aired December 23, 2012
Aired online January 07, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
First call-out(s) Kate Ma
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Nguyễn Thị Thùy Trang
Featured Photographer Chuck Reyes
Featured Director
Photo Shoot French Riviera Women
Special guests Jeannie Mai
Previous Which Girl Exudes Sexy?
Next Good Hair Day
Style & Taste is the fifth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fifth episode overall.

Episode Summary

Filantropi left a letter on the fridge door. She gave advice and motivations to the girls. She told Helena that she understood her competitiveness but she told Helena to be mean to the girls especially Melissa. Helena seemed shock and upset. She told the other girls to be confident and work hard. The girls met Joey Mead King and Jeannie Mai for a challenge in Parco Next, where they were split up into groups of three, and were assigned to style themselves in different categories.

Models Styling Theme
Melissa, Rachel & StephanieSexy
Jessica, Kate & TrangEdgy
Aastha, Helena & Sofia Quirky

The quirky group became uncoordinated with their styles, while the sexy group went against the style they were assigned. In the edgy group, Trang told Jessica to change her pink outfit for a black one, but Jessica ignored Trang and kept her style instead. The edgy group won the overall challenge, but it was Jessica who won individually.

The girls traveled to Nongsa Point Marina and Resort located at Batam, Indonesia for their photo shoot, which was to embody a refined French Rivera woman. Kate excelled during the shoot, Stephanie had a hard time opening her eyes, and Jessica inspired the photographer with her performance. Trang struggled to understand the photographer which angered Daniel because Trang wasn't able to communicate well.

Photo Shoots