Good Hair Day
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 6
First aired December 30, 2012
Aired online January 15, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Aastha Pokharel
First call-out(s) Sofia Wakabayashi
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Rachel Erasmus
Featured Photographer Zhang Jingna
Featured Director
Photo Shoot TRESemmé Hair Campaign
Special guests
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Good Hair Day is the sixth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the sixth episode overall.

Episode Summary

After Trang went home, all of the remaining models were shocked. A close friendship brewed between Rachel and Kate. For the reward challenge, the girls were asked to write their own script and perform a commercial for TRESemmé. All of the girls struggles; however, it was Aastha who ultimately won the challenge, which made Helena jealous.

Later, the girls had a beauty shoot for TRESemmé. Most of the models performed well. Kate and Rachel struggled, while Helena was reprimanded for being overly sexy.

At panel, Jessica, Stephanie and Aastha were highly praised, while Melissa was told that she was beginning to improve. The judges deemed Sofia's photograph to be the best, and she received her second first call-out. Helena was warned about her over-sexiness in photos. Rachel and Kate found themselves in the bottom two, both for being plain. Ultimately, Kate was saved and Rachel was sent home because the judges felt that she wasn't standing out and progressing as the competition went on.   

Photo Shoots