Face Value
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 7
First aired January 6, 2013
Aired online January 22, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Sofia Wakabayashi
First call-out(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Melissa Th'ng
Featured Photographer Kevin Ou
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Environmental Campaign for WWF
Special guests Elaine Tan
Previous Good Hair Day
Next Mannerism & The Big Red Dress
Face Value is the seventh episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the seventh episode overall.

Episode Summary

When Rachel left, Kate felt that she lost some of her strength. Then the girls were taught all about runway makeup by some experts with Joey Mead-King. After the tutorial, Joey announced to the girls that their challenge was to recreate the makeup they had seen during the tutorial. Sofia won the challenge, and she chose Kate to accompany for a spa treatment at Resorts World Singapore. Kate said that she is the first best make-up and the second, it's actually Helena.

Back at the house, Sofia also received a gift, but some of the girls hid her prizes and replaced them with toilet paper and slippers, which made Sofia feel disrespected.

For the photo shoot, the girls were asked to do an environmental campaign. Jessica and Stephanie both impressed everyone. Kate received remarks about her arms, while Aastha, Helena, Melissa, and Sofia struggled.

At panel, few of the girls impressed the judges. Helena said that her bad shoulder was to blame for her poor performance during the shoot, but the judges did not believe her. Jessica received best photo for her stunning and believable shot, while Helena and Melissa were placed in the bottom two for their weak photographs. Before saving Helena, Nadya scolded Helena for her bad attitude at panel and she sent Melissa home. After Melissa's departure, Helena began to have a panic attack.

Photo Shoots