Mannerism & The Big Red Dress
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 8
First aired January 13, 2013
Aired online January 29, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
Helena Chan
First call-out(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated None
Featured Photographer Toon Liang
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Wearing Red Gowns at the National Library Museum
Special guests George Young, Yuan Sng
Previous Face Value
Next Beyond Comfort
Mannerism & The Big Red Dress is the eighth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the eighth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The episode starts with Helena's panic attack issue, but fortunately it is revealed that she's not alright all along. She then commented on how she didn't need the judges' advice because she knew what she did. Later on, both Nadya and Joey dropped on their house to invite the girls to join them in a mini-challenge about how to act gracefully as a model in an event. They are taught how to do a good model, either at photo shoot or at an event. Aastha struggles with chopsticks, Helena is surprisingly calm after her whole issue last panel, but ultimately Jessica won the challenge for being the most graceful from the remaining girls. She won the reward of spa treatment with Nadya.

Then the main challenge is up, which is a red carpet event for Farah Khan. Kate, Stephanie, Helena and Jessica all shone, while Aastha and Sofia struggles all alone. In the end, it was revealed that Helena won her eighth challenge, and her prize was a Farah Khan dress, she wore for the party.

All the girls seem happy for her except Sofia. This lead Sofia to confront Helena in front of the other girls back at home, and while Helena thought Sofia is fake, Sofia herself thought that Helena is mean. The discussion ended shortly after, which left Sofia in disgust of Helena's attitude.

The next day, the girls were brought up to the Universal Studios Singapore, where they greeted by Daniel Boey and their photographer for the day, Toons. The photo shoot was about an haute couture red dress, with length approximately 100 metres and weight 15 kilograms. Helena was first, and was noted by Daniel by looking like a ballerina but not a model. Aastha was concerned about her dead-eyes habit again, while Sofia manages to posing with her armpit facing the camera all the time. Jessica owned the dress and consistently kept her strong facial expression, while Stephanie was an epic fail, both the dress and the expression. The last one, Kate, brought so much humor and energy to the set, and getting better after falling down the stairs.

During the judging panel, all the girls except Stephanie received praise from the judges. Helena was told she looks like a Bird of paradise, but was warned that it was only a lucky shot. Sofia was told she looks like an Angry Bird, while Kate was universally praised for her outstanding photo. Jessica received similar praise as well, for owning the dress and her face, while Aastha was told she need to keep her energy during the shoot. Stephanie, however was told that she has slipping down and her photo is clearly the worst out of the sea of amazing photos this week.

In the end, Jessica received her second consecutive best photo, and she was quickly followed by Kate. Aastha was surprisingly called third, and Helena joins them after. Which leaves Sofia and Stephanie in the bottom two, Sofia for her inability to master her angles and Stephanie for performing the worst the whole week, in the challenge and the photo shoot. In the end, the judges thought that both still have many things to prove and they were saved. This marks Stephanie's second time in the non-elimination bottom-two, after episode 2.

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