Beyond Comfort
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 9
First aired January 20, 2013
Aired online February 05, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Helena Chan
First call-out(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Helena Chan
Featured Photographer Aaron Wong
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Underwater Mermaids in Michael Cinco Couture
Special guests Michael Cinco, Fons Houtkamp, Lauren Clarke Jensen
Previous Mannerism & The Big Red Dress
Next Girls on the Move
Beyond Comfort is the ninth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the ninth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The girls relieved their stress with a jump to the pool with clothing on. The next day, Joey told the girls they would each be shooting a TV commercial for Playboy fragrance. Jessica acts with no script but she did not look sexy, Kate does a creative take on her commercial and Helena and Stephanie impressed in front of the camera. In the end, Helena won the challenge and got the prize of a Playboy hamper, an exclusive perfume with Swarovski elements, a friend of an unaired daytrip to Universal Studios Singapore and an extra 15 minutes on the next photo shoot.

For the photo shoot, it was revealed that they have to do a mermaid-themed underwater shoot in a pool, wearing the creation of Filipino designer Michael Cinco. Aastha was worried about the theme since she cannot swim, while Jessica was determined to get another best photo. First to go was Kate, who Daniel complimented for her confidence. Jessica received praise from both Daniel and Aaron for following every advice and giving many different poses. Helena interpreted the shoot as being Medusa, which Daniel noted as an interesting take, but Aaron felt that her poses are not high-fashion. Aastha managed to overcome her fear of swimming, while Sofia did not fare too well though made a lucky shot. Stephanie felt a bit uneasy underwater, which stemmed from a past incident during scuba diving, in which she almost drowned.

Jessica's determination proved right as she received her third consecutive best photo, while Sofia bounced back as the runner-up, though the judges advised her about having only one good shot. Kate's pose was deemed too athletic but landed her third, with Aastha fourth. Stephanie and Helena landed in the bottom two for having an awkward pose and for not following the theme. In the end, Nadya gave the last photo to Stephanie. Helena first hugged to closest friend Stephanie, but she was eliminated.

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