Girls on the Move
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 10
First aired January 27, 2013
Aired online February 12, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
First call-out(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Aastha Pokharel
Featured Photographer Todd Anthony Tyler
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Extreme Body Movement in Black and White
Special guests Sheena Seah, Paula Taylor, Glenn Tan
Previous Beyond Comfort
Next The Story So Far - The Road To Top 4
Girls on the Move is the tenth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the tenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

Helena's elimination draws mixed reactions from the remaining girls. Kate and Sofia rejoice Helena's elimination, but Stephanie and Aastha receive a note from Helena and are saddened with her leaving.

The girls meet Joey and Sheena Seah, an international choreographer at Danz People, who teaches them how to pose and how to move gracefully. Then, the girls meet Paula Taylor, a popular model and a well-known VJ in Thailand. Paula teaches to combine poses with facial expression to get the emotion. They are later taken to the Subaru headquarters, where they meet with Todd, Daniel and the executive director of Subaru, Glenn Tan. They are told that their challenge is to make a motion editorial for the Subaru XV sports utility vehicle. Each of the girls are assigned a persona to be portrayed.

Model Persona
Aastha Glamorous Partygoer
Jessica Sophisticated Lady of Leisure
Kate Fun and Easygoing Nature Lover
Sofia Corporate Business Woman
Stephanie Fashionable Shopper

After taping has concluded, Daniel announces that the winner of the challenge is Jessica. She gets a Subaru package and $1,000 shopping spree at Tyan Boutique at the ION Orchard.

At their photo shoot, the photographer is judge Todd Anthony Tyler. The theme is about movement and passion, trying to give good poses but with strong expression in the face.

Kate jumps and moves around the set freely, and Todd feels her passion for the shoot and he enjoyed shooting her. Sofia got good feedback but Todd felt as if she was limiting herself to one space. Aastha complained that her dress and hair were hard to work with and Daniel told her that her poses were good, but her face lacked variety. Jessica looked passionate from the beginning and used all her space, jumping and giving good facial expressions. Stephanie did well but Todd said she needed more fire in her eyes and that her passion wasn't showing even though he was sure she has that deep inside.

At panel, they were first judged for their motion editorials. Sofia, Jessica and Aastha received praise for giving convincing commercials. Kate was praised for giving energy, albeit it being the wrong type of energy. When asked about how she was feeling, Stephanie told the judges that she was feeling better compared to last week, and was advised by Nadya to just keep pushing harder. However, her motion editorial was criticized by Todd for being boring. When they started judging the photos, Kate and Jessica's photos were recognized as the most passionate. Sofia and Stephanie's shots were generally well received, but were still chastised for lacking the passion and energy that Kate and Jessica showed in their pictures. Aastha was criticized for her demeanor at panel, and on set, and for her photo, that although had a great pose, her face was still blank.

The girls are called back and Jessica receives her fourth consecutive first call-out. She was followed by Kate, and Sofia was called third. Stephanie lands in the bottom two for the fourth time with Aastha. Stephanie was castigated for always playing it safe and while the judges were glad to see her make progress, they were concerned if she would be able to catch up with the other girls. Aastha was called an exotic beauty but was chided for her attitude. In the end, Aastha was sent home because of her lack of confidence and for not showing much enthusiasm.

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