The Story So Far - The Road To Top 4
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Cycle 1
Episode 10
First aired February 03, 2013
Aired online February 08, 2013
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Asia's Next Top Model
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Photo Shoot
Special guests Emmanuel Stroobant
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The Story So Far - The Road To Top 4 is the eleventh episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the eleventh episode overall.

Episode Summary

As seen on other Top Model competitions, this cycle features a recap episode where it shows a flashback of the moments that happened the entire season. Especially Kate's attitude that exudes the great personality among other girls in the competition. The episode has shown five sets of never-before-seen footage which includes Monica's playful character as she made fun of the girls when she looked like a clown. It also shows how the girls called their loved ones. Jessica's talk with her boyfriend made her strong and fight, Helena missed her boyfriend and cried over the phone, and Kate's hilarious conversation with her boyfriend was the highlight of the recap episode.

In episode 8, after Helena's alleged panic attack, she was then visited by model mentor Joey Mead-King who she gave a shoulder to cry on. In episode 9, Helena also entertained Kate by reenacting the judges. Meanwhile in episode 10, Joey gives a surprise by serving first class meal by celebrity chef, Emmanuel Stroobant. Joey shared her stories and experiences during their dinner.

When the episode came to its close, Daniel visited the Top 4 girls and gave advice and tips about how the girls should dress for casting. Kate had a feeling that Daniel had a secret, and she guessed that they would be going somewhere. She was very confident about that. Kate expected to see herself on London's streets. As the show closed, the girls were left with a surprise box and it showed that they are all beaming with happiness. In the next episode, it is expected that the final four girls will go to Hong Kong for their next shoot as they all take their high fashion profiles to the next level.