Hong Kong Extravaganza
Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 12
First aired February 10, 2013
Aired online February 14, 2013
Challenge winner(s) Jessica Amornkuldilok
First call-out(s) Kate Ma
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Sofia Wakabayashi
Featured Photographer Akif Hakan
Featured Director
Photo Shoot 1920's Inspired Modern Screen Starlets in the Streets of Hong Kong
Special guests Cara Grogan, Jonathan Li, Jane Lombard, Sue Ng, Fons Houtkamp, Christelle Simeon, Jing Wong, Dirk Dalichau, Wendy Mak
Previous The Story So Far - The Road To Top 4
Next Finale
Hong Kong Extravaganza is the twelfth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the twelfth episode overall.

Episode Summary

Kate and Sofia were eager to break Jessica's best photo record. Aastha left a letter and told Kate that she sometimes annoy people. Kate was surprised and asked Sofia if it was true and Sofia reluctantly said 'sometimes'. Stephanie and Jessica who were there as well kept quiet. Kate who was very upset simply ignored Sofia. The girls then found out that they are going to Hong Kong. Best photo last week, Jessica receives a spa treatment as a bonus. Kate declined Sofia's invitation to try the Jacuzzi, since she still felt upset about what she had said earlier.

Later on, Nadya brought a special guest star, the model Cara Grogan to give the girls some tips. Then they are introduced to their challenge, which is to attend go-sees around Hong Kong. Jessica impresses most of the clients, Stephanie excels only at the runway-based castings, Kate often gets noted for her over-the-top personality. One of the clients was impressed with Sofia but she didn't get the booking because her height was above 180 cm. In the end, Jessica won the challenge by booking three of the castings, and won a two-night stay at Hotel Mira. Stephanie and Kate both book two castings while Sofia booked none.

Nadya told Sofia that she should not worry about not booking any jobs, because she may not be suitable for the ads or campaign that those particular clients were looking for. Sofia said that she understand that but it was very obvious that she was very disappointed with herself. As a bonus, Nadya treats the girls for a night-out in Hong Kong, where they enjoy themselves by cruising around, and having a great time together.

The photo shoot is next, it's about 1920-inspired modern Chinese screen goddesses in the streets of Hong Kong. Akif Hakan returned as their photographer after having previously taken their pictures for the Chinese Zodiac shoot in Episode 3. Jessica manages to own the streets even though it's quite crowded. Stephanie is the exact opposite, she falls flat even though there are barely any people on her set. Kate's arms start to go crazy but then she hold a pole with one hand and swings the dress with another, and making it work. Sofia has a very hard time on set mainly because of her dress was too long and hit the floor making her very hard to pose especially when the dress was very tight and so she failed to impress.

The photo shoot had the girls portraying 1920-inspired Chinese screen goddesses in the streets of Hong Kong. Jessica and Kate impress, while Sofia and Stephanie struggle.

At judging the judges are all equally pleased by the girls' photos and congratulate Jessica for booking the most jobs. Kate's photo is universally praised and she's announced as the first finalist. Jessica shortly followed Kate, leaving Stephanie and Sofia facing the bottom two together for the second time. The two male judges preferred Sofia while both the judges liked Stephanie's photo. Stephanie was once again saved and was chosen as the third finalist for her potential the judges wanted. Sofia was eliminated for not being able to book a single job and having the arguably weakest photo. Stephanie made an all-time record in the Top Model franchise by surviving a total of five bottom two appearances before the finale and surviving four consecutive bottom two appearances.

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