Background information
Cycle 1
Episode 13
First aired February 17, 2013
Aired online February 21, 2013
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s)
Asia's Next Top Model Jessica Amornkuldilok
Featured Photographer
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Harper's Bazaar Cover Shots
Commercial Canon IXUS commercial
Special guests Carol Lim, Tyra Banks, Sophie Sumner, Kenneth Goh, Marina Fairfax, Frederick Lee
Previous Hong Kong Extravaganza
Next The Girl Who Walks the Walk
Finale is the thirteenth episode in the first cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the thirteenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The final three did a commercial for Canon IXUS. Kate is first. Nadya makes sure that Kate follows the brief. Kate follows the brief, but she looks nervous and she needs to be more fun. In the end, she shows more energy. Jessica says her lines a few times, but it ends up sounding horrible. Nadya thinks that her commercial is tiny bit posey. Stephanie forgets her lines and she looks like she's trying to remember them. In the end, Nadya likes Stephanie's smize and she is the most calm amongst the girls.

The girls later meet Daniel Boey and Kenneth Goh, fashion director of Harper's Bazaar. Joey is also there, but she is in a different room with Jessica's boyfriend, Stephanie's boyfriend and Kate's brother.

Kate's dress is too tight. She can not give much variation on her poses, but Kate starts to get better. Kenneth realizes that Kate tries so hard. After the photo shoot, Kate meets Joey and was surprised when Inan, Kate's brother, is there. They both talk in Portuguese. Joey also tells Kate that Inan cried when he was watching her photo shoot. Kate does not expect that because her brother is in Brazil.

Stephanie does not work well with her outfit. After the photo shoot, she comes to Joey and cries because her photo shoot did not go well. Mir Kim, Stephanie's boyfriend is also there. Her boyfriend makes her calm and shows her pictures of her child which calm her down and focus on the competition.

Jessica feels better after she cries. She becomes focused. Joey and her boyfriend, Joe Pao-In, feel her focus. Kenneth thinks that she gives the right curve for Harper's Bazaar. She gives the S curve that Harper's Bazaar looks for. She also makes her outfit looks very expensive. After the photo shoot, she cries when she meets Joey because she is happy. She cries harder after she sees her boyfriend. Her boyfriend gives her a bracelet as a present.

The girls met again with Daniel, as he revealed that the girls would walk in a final runway show. They get a surprise visit from friends and relatives during the photo shoot. At the fashion show, they are joined by eliminated contestants Trang, Sofia, Aastha, Filantropi, Kyla, Helena and America's Next Top Model, Cycle 18 winner Sophie Sumner. Tyra Banks makes her appearance in the show and she opens the runway with her short speech.

During deliberation, Tyra Banks together with Nadya, Todd Anthony and the guest judges considered who should be the first ever Asia's Next Top Model. They were unsure if Jessica can do it since she's old, despite a great portfolio. They compared Jessica for being the verbal definition of a model, and Stephanie for being the noun definition of a model. Ultimately, being the only contestant in the series to have never been in the bottom two, Jessica was revealed to be the first winner of the competition.


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