The Girl Who Walks the Walk
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 1
First aired January 08, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s) Tia Taveepanichpan
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Elektra Yu
Jessie Yang
Featured Photographer Mike Rosenthal
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Opening Stills
Special guests Gloria Mok, Kenneth Goh
Previous Finale
Next The Girl Who Attracts a Following
The Girl Who Walks the Walk is the first episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fourteenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

All of the contestants first arrived at their accommodation, the Ritz-Carlton Hotel at the vibrant capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

After visiting and discovering their penthouse, the girls met host and judge Nadya Hutagalung for the first time. Nadya introduced herself and gave the girls some information about the show. Joey Mead-King and movement coach Adam Williams revealed to the girls that they would be having a water catwalk challenge. Jodilly excelled in the challenge. Most of the girls were excited and nervous, while Jessie became fearful of the water.

Dressed in outfits designed by Gloria Mok, the girls were required to walk on a narrow strip of glass submerged in a pool while retaining their glamour and confidence. Most of the models struggled, especially Katarina, who was the only girl to fall into the pool. Jessie allowed her fear of water to conquer her, with the judges taking notice as they watched from the crowd. The majority of the girls received favorable feedback from judge Adam Williams.

After arriving back to the model house, Nicole received the news that her grandmother had passed away. Despite feeling sad, she remained strong and decided to stay in the competition, explaining that seeing her on the show to would have made her grandmother proud. Elektra was quickly alienated by the other girls, who felt that she was trying too hard to get attention.

The girls arrived to their set for their first photo shoot. Before starting with the shoot, Nadya revealed that there would be an elimination based on the performances during the runway challenge and on each girls' overall potential. As a result of being too fearful of the water and being unprofessional, Jessie was ultimately sent home.

The remaining girls met their photographer and judge, Mike Rosenthal. Dressed in outfits designed by Inai Red, each model was allotted ten frames as part of the opening titles for the show. Sheena, Josephine, Thao, Janice, Jodilly and Tia were among few of the girls to receive positive feedback from Mike for being confident and versatile. Tia was praised most for bringing energy and a vibrant personality during the shoot, while Adam felt Poojaa lacked energy during her session. Bona and Natalie struggled with giving their best angles to the camera. Nicole struggled with her poses, and failed to enhance her unique edgy look.

At the first elimination, Tia, Sheena, and Josephine received acclamation from the judges, securing the top three slots in the call-out. Jodilly and Thao received positive feedback from the judges as well, landing themselves on top five as well while the other models were met with mixed reactions from the judges. Elektra, Natalie, and Nicole were all critiqued for failing to give a wide variety of facial expressions. The former two were also criticized for looking more being demonic than fierce. Nicole was the first model declared safe. After landing in the bottom two with Elektra, Natalie was given a second chance.

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