The Girl Who Attracts a Following
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 2
First aired January 15, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Poojaa Gill
First call-out(s) Nicole Lee
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Bona Kometa
Featured Photographer Maurice Mauricio
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Malaysian Couture Goddesses in Batu Caves
Special guests Bip Ling, Melinda Looi
Previous The Girl Who Walks the Walk
Next The Girl Who's Hot When She Is Cold
The Girl Who Attracts a Following is the second episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fifteenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

After receiving depressing news from her hometown, unfavorable comments from the judges, and landing herself in the bottom three, Nicole released her anger after panel by punching a board in one of the corridors backstage. The cameraman tried to record her breakdown, but Nicole proceeded to push him out of the way. The girls failed in their attempt to calm her down. Ji-hye felt glad that Elektra had been eliminated because she felt that she was not a model. Josephine admitted that Tia's first call out took her by surprise, and explained that she began to see her as competition. Janice and Tia begin to form a clique of their own, forming slight animosity between themselves and the other girls.

In the morning, movement coach Adam Williams visited the house along with model, DJ, and fashion blogger Bip Ling. Bip Ling shared her personal experience on stardom, and gave the models tips and tricks for taking a great selfie. The girls were then divided into three groups, with last week's top three, namely Tia, Sheena and Josephine as the leader for each team. Each one of them selected three girls to join their group. Nicole and Sneha weren't picked, and they were left aside as the fourth team in the challenge. They were immediately sent out to the streets of Malaysia to take their best selfies.

Group Leader Models
One Tia Janice, Marie & Thao
Two Sheena Poojaa, Jodilly & Ji-hye
Three Josephine Natalie, Katarina & Bona
Four None Nicole & Sneha


Josephine felt that her team created many interesting poses, while Sheena's team was repeatedly kicked out of their chosen locations by shop owners. Tia stressed that she wanted simplicity in their pictures. Despite the fact that she was a photographer outside of the competition, Nicole wasn't happy with the challenge. Sneha began to feel pressured by Nicole's overly bossy personality, as she felt that the mood in the pictures needed to be fun and joyful. The photographs were reviewed a while later, and Poojaa was revealed to be the winner of the challenge.

She was given the chance to spend one relaxing night at Pangkor Laut, and chose to share her prize with Katarina. The two later took a luxurious helicopter to Pangkor Laut. Meanwhile, Tia vocalized her displeasure and irritation concerning Poojaa's victory for the challenge.

The girls' were welcomed by Joey Mead-King at Malaysia's popular tourist hot spot Batu Caves, the location for their second photo shoot. After introducing the photographer, Maurice Maricio, the contestants learned that they would be wearing dresses from renowned fashion designer Melinda Looi's collection. Additionally, it was explained that they would only be given fifteen frames to capture their best take. The models were asked to give a wide variety of dynamic poses and facial expressions. While climbing their way into the cave with baskets of fruit, monkeys attempted to raid their offerings.

Thao became worried because she felt that her tired face would translate into her pictures, but Maurice gave her favorable feedback. Ji-hye delivered artistic poses. Maurice felt that she took a while to warp up, but improved significantly near the end of her session. He also felt that Janice was fun to work with. Despite being sick, she was able to hold her poses before he took her photos. Bona lacked variation, and Maurice felt that she was blank. Katarina received mostly positive feedback. Natalie did good, showing vast improvement from the previous week. Sheena successfully made her long dress flaunt. Maurice felt that she was consistent and delivered in most of the film. Sneha thought that her religion gave her a spiritual advantage over the other girls. Marie failed to think of good poses for the camera. Last week's winner Tia failed to give dramatic movement, while Jodilly and Josephine were praised for their amazing performances on set.

While Poojaa and Katarina enjoying their trip to Pangkor Laut, the girls in the house get their very own TRESemme goody bag which very much making the girls very happy. Sneha puts her messed laundry near the ironing section, eventually trigger roommate Janice temper as she feels disrespected, but Tia does not really care about it. Janice asks Sneha to clean it up, but strong-minded outspoken Sneha does not want to do it as she feels she is ordered. After Poojaa and Katarina are back from their trip, they shared their experience and memory, which much displeased Tia and Janice.

During the second round of judging, Nicole, Jodilly, Sheena and Thao received positive feedback from the judges. They were also praised for their passion, hard work and effort, securing the top spots. The other girls received generally mixed reactions. As the judges deliberated, sparks flew in the waiting room. The girls had a drama which involves Tia, Sneha, Janice, and Katarina. Tia vs Katarina, while Janice vs Sneha. Tia and Katarina's feud ended quickly but Janice and Sneha's feud continued. Back in the elimination room, Bona, Marie, and Tia wound up in the bottom three. Marie was the first to be given a second chance. Last week winner Tia was deemed as having more potential, and was thus saved from being eliminated. Bona was sent home for giving flat photo, much to the dismay of the remaining contestants.

Photo Shoots