The Girl Who's Hot When She Is Cold
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 3
First aired January 22, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Josephine Tan
First call-out(s) Josephine Tan
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Ji-hye Moon
Featured Photographer Jesper McIlroy
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Winter Wonderland Scene in Stylish Lingerie
Special guests
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The Girl Who's Hot When She Is Cold is the third episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the sixteenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

This episode features the remaining 13 girls to have a great challenge on their fear of height - runway on top of Kuala Lumpur Tower the largest telecommunication tower in Asia. They are required to walk a short distance on top of KL Tower and end their ads with a smile as their commercial for Visit Malaysia 2014. Most of the girls received positive reaction for being brave enough to overcome their fear, especially Tia, Nicole, Thao and Josephine. Furthermore, hometown girl Josephine did the best and won the challenge.

After the challenge, the girls was 'spot check' by movement coach Adam Williams. He shares some useful beauty tips to the girls. Then, he revealed that last week photo shoot winner Nicole will have a pool session on top of their penthouse, which surprises all the girls, Pampered by sushi buffet and having their joyous moment at the pool, Nicole and 4 more girls, namely Janice, Poojaa, Jodilly and Sheena is having fun. The girls are even more thrilled when the workers there revealed international Hollywood stars like Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan also been here before.

The girls then have their third photo shoot at SnoWalk, Selangor with only 1/2 lingerie on, featuring guest photographer Jesper McIlroy. At temperature below 5 Celsius, the girls needed to stay 'hot sexy' at the cold environment. Josephine, Nicole, Sheena and Natalie gave a lot and being edgy and creative at the photo shoot, receiving positive comment from Joey, Jasper and Mike. Jodilly also awed the guest photographer and was noted to be a photographer's dream. Katarina was also praised for having consistently improved. The other girls received mixed reaction, with Ji-hye and Janice received negative reaction for being dull, and their under performance was probably due to their sick body and they feeling unwell. Ji-hye, who was critique for being expressionless, later revealed her expressionless-ness was due to her childhood bullied. Sexy photographer, Jasper who was also a former model, was jokingly 'accused' for being too distracting because he is too attractive and hot.

On the judging panel, Josephine, who won the Visit Malaysia ads challenge, received acclaimed from the judges. Last week photo shoot winner Nicole was complimented for giving edgy pose and successfully enhanced her unique edgy look, secure her runner-up spot in the shoot. Sheena was praised for being creative and professional, ultimately maintain her top three spots for the third consecutive photo shoot consistently, being the first girl in the cycle to do so. Jodilly, Katarina, Thao and Natalie received lukewarm reaction from the judges. Poojaa was critiqued for being beautiful but don't know how to pose well. Sneha and Marie (unavailable at the call out due to evacuation to hospital as she shakes uncontrollably after the judging) were complimented for trying new poses and gave great curves, but their blank facial expression did not connect to the camera, resulting in blank and flat photos despite of great curves. Janice, who was suffering from terrible cold, and Ji-hye was in the danger of getting eliminated as they finished themselves at the bottom two. Both of them were critiqued for giving same 101 poses for the third week and their photo are expressionless and far behind the other girls. Janice, which has her past two week's photo at better ranking than Ji-hye, was given the second chance while Ji-hye was the fourth model sent packing.

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