The Girl Who Works The Room
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 6
First aired February 12, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Jodilly Pendre
First call-out(s) Jodilly Pendre
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated None
Featured Photographer Timon Wehrli
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Couture Gowns in a Subaru Assembly Plant
Special guests Haritha Shan, Glenn Tan
Previous The Girl That Runs Her Own Race
Next The Girl Who is in the Spotlight
The Girl Who Works The Room is the sixth episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the nineteenth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The remaining top 10 girls were happy to stay in the running towards becoming the next Asia's Next Top Model. Poojaa's departure left a deep impact and much frustration from some of Poojaa's closest friends, most prominently Nicole, who is also from Singapore. Feeling much disappointment and sadness, Nicole felt that all the kind hearted girls have left while attention-seekers have remained.

The second morning, the girls were warmly visited by model mentor Joey Mead-King with experienced senior make-up artist from M.A.C., Haritha Shan. Sharing some tips on being classy and beautiful, she gave all of the girls a goody bag of M.A.C. cosmetics. Joey then joyfully announced that they are having a cocktail party challenge at Malaysia high-end bar Marini's 57, which was located at the 57th floor of world tallest twin tower, Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC). Malaysian girls Josephine and Sheena felt they are at an advantage as they know some of the familiar faces of the local and popular, iconic figures here. The models were required to be sociable, classy and poised, and they need to impress the crowd and be the most memorable model among the pack. However, Nadya and Joey did not tell them that there is one undercover judge, which was Subaru Asia Region manager, Glenn Tan.

All dressed in the amazing cocktail dresses by Malaysian multi-winning designer Sonny Son, the girls all look gorgeous and glamorous. All of them were excited and happy, which very much annoyed Janice as she felt that the girls are too silly for being too excited for such an event. She then starts to alienate herself from rest of the girls. Nicole was mad as she feels Janice created so much drama, faking in front of the judges just for the fame, which makes Nicole think that she could not throw out her humanity for the glamour and limelight, while the kind-hearted girls have left so early. At the cocktail party, all of the girls were warm and friendly. Generally, all the girls did well. All of them were sociable and glamorous. However, none of the girls seem to have entertained the undercover judge, Glenn Tan, with only Natalie, Marie and Jodilly who got to talk to him. Natalie and Jodilly both received great feedback. However, Jodilly, who was deemed to be honest and classy, and left a more remarkable impression on Glenn, was chosen as the challenge winner. Her prize was an extra 15 frames for the next photo shoot.

After the cocktail party, as the girls were waiting at the hotel lobby. Janice suddenly apologized to the girls, especially to Nicole and Tia. Argument started to fire up as the girls like Katarina, Tia, Sneha and Nicole did not feel Janice was being sincere. Janice felt she has lost all her dignity as she apologized and called the girls mean as they didn't accept her apology at all. Since then, the girls have not bothered to entertain Janice anymore.

This week, the top 10 girls are required to be edgy and try to take risk for their photo shoot at the Subaru XV Assembly Line in Malaysia. The girls will be joined by muscular, male models from Malaysia and Brazil, namely: Danny, John, Nate and Vitor. This week's featured photographer was Timon Wehrli and beautiful fairy tale-ish elegant gowns created by Indonesian couture designer Imelda Kartini. They were hoped to break free from their shells and be brave risk-takers as last week's photos were mostly unimpressive. Jodilly, Josephine, Sheena, Sneha and Nicole received great feedback from the photographer for being very versatile and delivering some story behind the shoot despite of the distracting and hot environment, this is especially true with Jodilly and Sneha who received comment for the great shapes and graceful movements. Natalie, Tia, Katarina and Janice, however disappointed and failed to impress the photographer. But generally, the girls did great.

At the judging panel, Jodilly, Josephine and Nicole were acclaimed by the judges, securing the top three spots, giving Josephine her fourth non-consecutive top three appearance, a feat held by Sheena as well. Marie and Sneha showed improvement and received mixed reactions from the panel. Jodilly and Josephine both gave romantic shots, with Josephine slightly off the concept as she seemed to have paid more attention to the male models than the car, which should have been one of the major points of the shoot. Tia and Janice were critiqued for appearing lost and consistently delivering nothing through their shots. Tia delivered too much "ego", while Janice's 'pull-my-hair' poses were awkward, despite her swagger. Last week's best photo winner Natalie, who was slowly improving, seemed to have taken a step back as she looked like she was staggering in pain. Generally, all the girls showed improvement. At the backstage, drama heats up as Nicole felt offended by what Janice told the judges, Janice defends herself and made the other girls felt bad and tense. Back to the judging, it was revealed that Jodilly received her first call-out, the first one from Philippines. Janice and Tia found themselves in bottom two, both for three times. Just before Nadya hands out both photos to the respective models, Nadya confessed that they were actually both going home, due to their dull performance, but since this was a predetermined non-elimination episode, both girls get to stay and compete for another week. Although, both girls would have five lesser frames than the remaining girls for the next photo shoot. At end of the episode, Janice, was shown to have further alienated herself from the whole group, again.

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