The Girl With a Wild Side
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 9
First aired March 5, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s) Katarina Rodriguez
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Natalie Pickles
Featured Photographer Mike Rosenthal
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Native Jungle Warriors in the Borneo Jungle
Special guests Rob Scheppy
Previous The Girl Who Makes a Splash
Next The Island Girl
The Girl With a Wild Side is the ninth episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the twenty-second episode overall.

Episode Summary

The girls went abroad to the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo. Unlike other girls who brought small bags for the trip, Sheena decided to bring her big suitcase. She eventually regretted it as they had to cross over some creeks in the jungle on foot bringing their own belongings. In the jungle, they were challenged to make their own tents for staying overnight there and to eat fried maggots for their dinner later in the evening, which disgusted all of the girls.

For photo session, they had to be made over by US-based make up artist Rob Scheppy, each with a different "Jungle Warrior Princess" persona. Natalie struggled as the smoke from the torches she held made her eyes tear up. Katarina and Jodilly excelled the photo shoot, while Nicole had struggled, despite some very good direction from Mike Rosenthal and Adam Williams. Sheena asks Adam and Mike to help her win a first call-out. Marie who couldn't swim fell from the boat but she kept trying. After the shoot, the girls arrived at their new penthouse. The Malaysian girls, Josephine and Sheena, received the biggest room, and invited Marie and Natalie to sleep with them. This lead to some talks between Jodilly, Katarina, and Nicole, discussing the other girls as they had become jealous of them.

For the judging session, the models had their second outdoor judging panel at Rumah Melanau on Sarawak Cultural Village. Nicole's photo made Nadya worried that Nicole isn't the 360 model she seeks. Katarina shown improvement, made her received her first best picture, with Jodilly, who also have good photo, being the second spot, after the Philippine models were deemed safe, Sheena was called, after previously broke down in tears of disappointment of her photo. Marie was called fourth, leaving Josephine, Natalie, and Nicole in the bottom three. Adam felt that he couldn't enjoy work with Josephine again, but Josephine safe, leaving Natalie and Nicole in bottom two. Ultimately, Natalie was sent home.

Photo Shoots