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The Island Girl
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 10
First aired March 26, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s) Jodilly Pendre
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Josephine Tan
Featured Photographer Jack Guy
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Alex Perry Gowns in the Gaya Island Beach
Special guests Alex Perry, Jade Parfitt, Marina Fairfax, Jen Atkin
Previous The Girl With a Wild Side
Next The Girl on Life's Journey

The Island Girl is the tenth episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the twenty-third episode overall.

Episode Summary

After elimination, the girls plays one of the oldest games that may change them, none other than Truth or Dare. The next day, the girls were sent to Gaya Island, near Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, to continue their journey in the Malaysian Borneo. After arriving at Gaya Island Resort, the girls were introduced to the executive manager of the resort, where they were then taken to take a trail through the jungle of Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park in Gaya Island until they found a secluded beach. Sheena again had a trouble taking the trail, where Jodilly and Nicole were pumped up. At the beach, the girls then played with water, where Nicole turned out not wearing a bra that disgust Marie and Josephine.

After an exhausting day in the jungle, the girls were greeted by Adam on a yacht, where they also met Jade Parfitt, who give them some tips of being a good model. Later that night, the girls also had a dinner with the Storm Models model agent, Marina Fairfax, that give them some modelling tips.

The next day, the girls were taken to a private beach, where they had a photo shoot with Los Angeles photographer, Jack Guy, wearing a summer gown collection by Alex Perry. Jade Parfitt accompanied them and gave them directions. Katarina was praised for giving a bombshell performance, as well as Jodilly, while the other girls got mixed feedback. Later that day, the girls played Truth or Dare where they found some interesting thoughts between the girls that made the rivalry even heated.

For the judging session, the girls were back in Kuala Lumpur. At the panel, Jodilly was praised for having very good movement, while Josephine was said to have exaggerated her pose and Nicole's pose that looked like poses in wedding magazines. Josephine and Nicole landed in the bottom two, but Nicole was spared and Josephine was sent home, leaving Sheena very sad.

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