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The Girl on Life's Journey
Background information
Cycle 2
Episode 11
First aired May 8, 2014
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Sheena Liam
First call-out(s) Sheena Liam
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Nicole Lee
Featured Photographer Nurulita A. Rahayu
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Posing with Luggage for Malaysia Airlines
Special guests Helena Chan, Jessica Amornkuldilok, Mariana Renata, Rajo Laurel
Previous The Island Girl
Next The Girl Who's Epic

The Girl on Life's Journey is the eleventh episode in the second cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the twenty-fourth episode overall.

Episode Summary

Since the models had a photo shoot with Malaysia Airlines, the episode was originally canceled due to the issue of the lost Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which crashed in the South Indian Ocean. The show released a recap of what had happened during the episode in their official YouTube channel. The episode was eventually broadcast about one month after the season finale, on a season re-run.

In the episode, it was revealed that the top five models were flown to Hong Kong wearing Gucci. On board the plane, Adam Williams and Joey Mead King gave the girls to a runway lesson in the aisle. Immediately after this, they were challenged to perform a fashion show inside the plane wearing dresses from Malaysian designer Jonathan Liang.

Upon arriving to Hong Kong, Adam and Joey took the girls to the highest point of the city for High Tea. After their meal, it was revealed that the winner of the challenge was Sheena.

The models later met season one contestant Helena Chan for a trip in Victoria Harbour. Back in the hotel in Malaysia the models were introduced to Jessica Amornkuldilok, the winner of season one.

The photo shoot turned out to be a campaign for Malaysia Airlines, where they had to pose in a Hangar with luggage in front of the Malaysia Airlines flight A380 as their background.

At panel, Sheena received her first best photo in the competition. She was followed by Jodilly and Marie. Katarina and Nicole landed in the bottom two, but Katarina was spared from the elimination and Nicole was sent home.

Photo Shoots