The Girl with K-POP Fever
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 2
First aired April 1, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Aimee Bradshaw, Franchesca Lagua & Melissa Tan
First call-out(s) Melissa Tan, Gani Ayu & Celine Dương
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Kiana Guyon
Featured Photographer Mike Rosenthal
Featured Director
Photo Shoot K-Pop Girl Groups
Special guests Wil Sabin, Ha Sang Beg, Tahiti (in a video message)
Previous The Girl in a Spin
Next The Girl Who Dreads a Makeover
The Girl with K-POP Fever is the second episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the twenty-eighth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The girls returned to the model house after Shareeta's elimination. Amanda felt she was lucky for garnering best photo despite the fact that she was a newbie, while Celine worries about having been in the bottom two last panel. Tensions begin to rise between Kiana and the girls as they feel the former is pushing herself away from the pack during dinner. Gani commented on the fact that Kiana never eats what she cooks in the house.

Georgina and Alex arrived in the house where they challenged the girls to wear their best casting outfits in under two minutes. Monika, Tahlia, Gani and Amanda received praise from the duo. The models then practiced the newest single for the K-POP girl group, Tahiti, with Wil Sabin as their choreographer. Celine struggles with the dance routine.

After practicing, the models received Georgina Mail about their upcoming challenge. The next day, they performed a flash mob in front of the tourists in Clarke Quay, Singapore. Aimee, Franchesca and Melissa receive universal praise, and subsequently won the challenge.

Joey then explains to the girls that they are to pick their group members for the next photo shoot, which will require them to pose as Korean pop singers. Aimee picked Barbara and Lorretta; Melissa picked Gani and Celine, while Franchesca picked Monika and Amanda. With no one picking them, Tahlia, KB, Rani and Kiana are left to form a separate group. Tensions rose again after Tahlia confronted Kiana about her state as a member of the household. The girls held a discussion which led to a heated argument between Monika and Kiana.

The morning after the models took part in their second photo shoot, where they are assigned different themes and are styled by the person behind Shinee's signature looks, Ha Sang Beg.

Group Name Style Models
Flipperinas Girly Amanda, Franchesca, Monika
Jah-Mei CasualAimee, Barbara, Lorretta
Loup Masculine Celine, Gani, Melissa
Fours Sporty KB, Kiana, Rani, Tahlia

Aimee, Lorretta and Barbara are critiqued on lacking focus and the ability to be in sync. Melissa, Gani and Celine received praise for working well as a group. Franchesca, Monika and Amanda are commended on their poses but critiqued on their blank facial expressions. Tahlia, KB, Kiana and Rani's group received mixed direction. The models celebrated Celine's birthday back at the model house. They also note that they will be celebrating Kiana's birthday on the next day after elimination.

At judging, Aimee, Lorretta and Barbara are critiqued for not working well as a group. Aimee is criticized for being lazy and is advised to work out her body more. Lorretta is told that there is a disconnect between her face and body, while Barbara failed to execute the brief. Franchesca, Monika and Amanda's photo is praised as a group shot but individually, the judges felt they fell short having only Franchesca to uplift the photo. Melissa, Gani and Celine received universal praise for their photo, as they fulfilled the brief. Tahlia, KB, Kiana and Rani delivered mixed results. Kiana is highly critiqued for her slacked-off pose. During elimination, Melissa, Gani, and Celine received best photo as a trio (a first for Vietnam and Indonesia). Aimee, Amanda and Kiana landed in the bottom three. Aimee is immediately declared safe, having a slightly better photo than the other two. Amanda is handed her photo, resulting in Kiana's elimination. As Kiana is packing her bags, she found the cake the girls were preparing for her birthday.

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