The Girl Who Dreads a Makeover
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 3
First aired April 8, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s) Aimee Bradshaw
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Rani Ramadhany
Featured Photographer Olaf Mueller
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Portrait Shots with Temptations Jewelry
Special guests Lourd Ramos, Dr. Kwan
Previous The Girl with K-POP Fever
Next The Girl with a Broken Heart
The Girl Who Dreads a Makeover is the third episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the twenty-ninth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The remaining twelve models went back to the model house after the elimination. Aimee and Amanda were relieved that they were safe from the bottom three last week but were also saddened that Kiana left. The next morning, the contestants were surprised with freebies from TRESemmé, which contained hair products such as shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, and hair dryer then followed by a Georgina Mail stating that they will have their makeovers.

The models went to the Kimage Hair Studio for their makeovers. Georgina along with TRESemme's professional head stylist Lourd Ramos and model mentor Joey met with them. They had a quick chat about their makeovers. Georgina said Barbara's head will be shaved but she was just kidding and she's going to get a short hair which concerned her. Melissa will get a pixie cut. Aimee will get a full fringe, jet black hair while Tahlia will get a strawberry blonde long bob. When the makeover started, Barbara was really scared. She started crying when she felt that her head almost had no hair. Lourd said the more she cried the shorter it will be. Joey started comforting her. Lourd gave Celine and Gani a short hair wherein Celine said her sex appeal will disappear.

When it was time to see their makeovers, Melissa was shocked and saw a totally different person. Amanda thought she looked sophisticated and older with her new hair. Gani liked her blunt cut. Tahlia said her hair was so blonde, Monika didn't see herself same with Aimee who said that she didn't know the girl in the mirror. Rani thought her old hair was still better. Lorretta thought her makeover wasn't too drastic. Franchesca felt very young. Georgina said KB's old hair will not book her any jobs. Celine thought she looked strange but she liked it. Barbara felt better after she cried and she actually liked her hair saying that she looked expensive. After the makeovers, they went home and immediately rushed to the mirrors to scrutinize every single detail of their new hair to figure out their new best angles.

On the day of the photo shoot, Joey was there to mentor the girls along with their photographer, Olaf Mueller. Joey said their hair was one of their jewels so they will pair it up with some diamond jewelry from Temptations Jewelry. Rani was feeling nauseous. Franchesca and Lorretta comforted her while she was throwing up. Joey went to the comfort room to tell Rani that she will call a doctor. Dr. Kwan checked her up and said she had a bad flu. She was injected three times. In the photo shoot, Aimee, Monika, Celine, Amanda, Franchesca and Melissa did very well while Barbara, who was so stiff and said that the cause of her struggle was the red lipstick she's wearing, KB, Gani, Tahlia, Lorretta, and Rani, who felt better after her check up, struggled.

At panel, Aimee, Amanda, Franchesca, Melissa and Monika received good reviews for their shots, the others gained lukewarm reactions and while Barbara, KB, Rani and Lorretta received negative feedback from the judges. Aimee garnered best photo and had risen from the bottom to the top. Due to over thinking and not understanding the concept of high fashion, Lorretta lands in the bottom two with Rani, who questions her ability to push her boundaries. Georgina handed the last photo to Lorretta resulting to Rani's elimination. She left her drum sticks in the model house to serve as a remembrance of her to the remaining girls.

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