The Girl with a Killer Smile
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 5
First aired April 22, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Barbara Katsuki
First call-out(s) Monika Sta. Maria
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Franchesca Lagua
Featured Photographer Mike Rosenthal
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Close-Up Diamond Attraction Ad Campaign
Special guests Dr. Cecile Infantado, Daniel Mananta
Previous The Girl with a Broken Heart
Next The Girl Who Ran Out of Luck
The Girl with a Killer Smile is the fifth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-first episode overall.

Episode Summary

The nine remaining models came home after the very shocking double elimination last week, for some, the pressure of competition started to get to them. The girls went on to a workshop that will absolutely bring smiles as Dr. Cecile Infantado taught the girls how to get that picture-perfect smile. Then the girls take on to an acting class with Indonesian TV Personality Daniel Mananta. Amanda struggled to portray her role to be angry and ended up refusing to act.

The next day, the models applied what they've learned from Dr. Cecile Infantado, as they were challenged to capture that perfect selfie, but with the members of the public. The models head on to the mall and searched for that one hot guy to take a selfie with. The girls struggled but it was to be Barbara's second challenge win, winning her a dinner with Daniel Mananta.

Back at the model house, Gani started becoming conscious on her smile, the girls however, believed otherwise. The smiles continued in their photo shoot for Close-Up Diamond Attraction Ad campaign. Gani initially struggled but ultimately brought back her A-game in the middle of the shoot. Monika excelled as Filipino compatriots, Amanda and Franchesca struggled.

At panel, Aimee, Barbara, Gani, Melissa and Monika were acclaimed by the judges while Tahlia and KB received lukewarm comments from the judges. Amanda and Franchesca failed to impress the judges. Gani and Monika were singled out as the two stand-outs of the week's photo shoot. Georgina revealed one of their photos would run as an actual commercial ad for Close-Up. Ultimately, Monika was chosen for the ad, receiving her second best photo in a row. Amanda and Franchesca ended up in the bottom two both for their mediocre photos, but it was Franchesca who was sent home.

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