The Girl Who Ran Out of Luck
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 6
First aired April 29, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Tahlia Raji
First call-out(s) Gani Ayu
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated None
Featured Photographer Joel Lim
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Zalora Fashion Catalogue
Special guests Meghna Mistry
Previous The Girl with a Killer Smile
Next The Girl Who Finally Cracks
The Girl Who Ran Out of Luck is the sixth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-second episode overall.

Episode Summary

The remaining girls were driven to Kyō, where they were greeted by Joey and the fashion director of Zalora, Meghna Mistry. Meghna gave advice to the models and helped the girls to create their style. The girls were challenged about their styling in pairs based on the given theme under two minutes.

Style Models
Feminine Amanda & KB
Urban Barbara & Melissa
Boho Aimee & Tahlia
Basics Gani & Monika

As the challenge winning accommodation, Tahlia got extra five minutes at the coming photo shoot. But, she had to choose one girl to take away five minutes from the photo shoot, leaving ten minutes on the photo shoot. Tahlia chose to take five minutes from Monika's next shoot because she has been doing really well and had won two best photos in a row.

At the photo shoot, Tahlia was granted five extra minutes, for a total of twenty, while the other girls were given fifteen. Monika had to work all three outfits in ten minutes. During the shoot, Amanda had trouble keeping her eyes open for the photos, while Barbara, Melissa and Monika had problems with their movement. KB, Aimee and Gani did well at the photo shoot. Despite the extended session, Tahlia still struggled.

At the panel, Tahlia, Amanda, Melissa, Barbara and Monika received negative feedback from the judges. KB, Gani and Aimee were lauded as the stand outs of the week. Gani received best photo, and was chosen to be a part of Zalora's new campaign. Barbara and Monika were placed in the bottom two for having mediocre photos, but Georgina revealed that neither of them would be eliminated. As a punishment, they received only ten frames for the next photo shoot.

Photo Shoots