The Girl Who Finally Cracks
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 7
First aired May 6, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Melissa Tan
First call-out(s) Monika Sta. Maria
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Melissa Tan
Featured Photographer Jesper McIlroy
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Covered in Body Paint with Subaru XV Cars
Special guests Cara Grogan-McIlroy, Glenn Tan, Jodilly Pendre, Natalie Pickles
Previous The Girl Who Ran Out of Luck
Next The Girl on a Mission
The Girl Who Finally Cracks is the seventh episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-third episode overall.

Episode Summary

Gani was happy for Barbara because she thinks that the girls didn't want Barbara to be eliminated. Monika confronted Tahlia for why did she chose her to take five minutes out of any other girls and she answered that it's because all of the girls were afraid of her and she was not very connected to her. Monika said that Tahlia is now an enemy.

The girls went to a park with their model mentor, Joey together with blogger, host and top model, Cara G. McIlroy. They had a model pose-off. Joey put the models in pairs.

Amanda Melissa
Aimee Barbara
Gani Monika
KB Tahlia

Amanda didn't know what she's doing and she kept giggling. Melissa outshone Amanda. Aimee and Barbara were disconnected. Gani doesn't like being paired with Monika but they did spice up the challenge. KB and Tahlia were praised for their eye-to-eye contact.

The challenge was posing with a hula-hoop. KB, Melissa, Tahlia, Gani, and Barbara excelled while Aimee, Amanda and Monika struggled. Melissa won the challenge and got a chance to call home.

Joey visited the girls in the model house. She was disgusted by the whole house and let the girls clean it. She said they need to maintain the cleanliness of their environment in order to clear their minds for every photo shoot.

On the photo shoot day, they met the executive director of Tan Chong International, Glenn Tan. The winner of the photo shoot will become the new Subaru brand ambassador. Former contestants and Subaru ambassadors, Jodilly Pendre and Natalie Pickles showed that they will wear just body paint and gave some advice to the girls.

Color Theme Models
Crystal Black Chic Barbara & Melissa
Tangerine Orange Exhilarating Monika & Tahlia
Dark Gray Powerful Amanda & Gani
Desert Khaki Wild Aimee & KB

Monika, Barbara, Gani, and KB excelled, especially Gani for facing her fears. Aimee, Tahlia, Melissa, and Amanda struggled.

At the model house, Gani and Monika had a feud. Gani thought Monika was a bit disgusting because a yogurt container had some peanut butter on it and the last one who ate peanut butter was Monika which angered her. Monika replied that it was unfair that Gani was talking behind her back while Gani also said Monika also offended her by saying that Indonesians will win this competition, which Monika later clarified that it was just a joke. This made Gani angrier and refused to talk to Monika furthermore.

At the panel, Monika, Barbara, KB, and Gani were praised for their photos. Amanda received lukewarm comments while Aimee, Tahlia, and Melissa got the worst comments. Monika was the standout, having her third first call-out and became the newest Subaru brand ambassador. Glenn Tan was impressed of Barbara and chose her to become the second brand ambassador. Tahlia and Melissa found themselves in the bottom two, but it was Melissa who went home.

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