The Girl on a Mission
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 8
First aired May 13, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Monika Sta. Maria
First call-out(s) Tahlia Raji
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Kirsteen "KB" Barlow
Featured Photographer Jez Smith
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Effortless Hair in the Streets of Singapore
Special guests Giovanni Wihayak, Andien Aisyah
Previous The Girl Who Finally Cracks
Next The Girl Who Flew to the Top
The Girl on a Mission is the eighth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-fourth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The girls went home after the shocking elimination of who may seem a big threat for all of them, Melissa's elimination led her circle of friends; Barbara, Gani, Tahlia and most especially KB into deep sadness. The girls went in awe to see how flawless Monika's performance so far. Aimee became frustrated with the fact that Tahlia stayed over Melissa.

Tahlia had her health checked, as she felt strange the past few days, and started speculating it was a breast lump, as her mother and grandmother passed away from breast cancer.

The girls headed on to their challenge. They were introduced to the latest runway hair trends by Georgina and Tresemmé expert stylist, Giovanni Wihayak, and were given thirty minutes to recreate such. Amanda, KB, Monika and Tahlia excelled in the challenge, with Gani being the only girl who experienced a train wreck to recreate the assigned look to her.

Hairstyle Model
Out of Water Barbara
Big Buns Aimee
Bombshell Blowout Amanda
Twists & Braids Monika
Long Tail KB
Mixed Materials Gani
Boho Waves Tahlia

Ultimately it was to be Monika's first ever challenge win, winning her immunity from elimination and has secured her spot in the top six. Georgina asked Monika to choose five models to go through with her in the top six, which she chose all girls but Tahlia.

The girls participated in an outdoor photo shoot with Indonesian icon Andien Aisyah, which they are tasked to showcase their hair well while wearing the gorgeous creations of Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel. The man behind the lens was Jez Smith. Tahlia and Barbara were the clear stand outs, while Gani started off weak, she took herself up and ended up doing well in the shoot. Aimee and Monika did well too, while Amanda and KB struggled.

At panel the girls received acclamation from the judges; Aimee, Barbara, Gani, Monika and Tahlia were praised with their outstanding photos leaving Amanda and KB receiving lukewarm comments from the judges. Tahlia was handed her first best photo, Amanda and KB landed themselves in the bottom two. Amanda landed in the bottom because of her blinking problem which misses out opportunities for great photos, while KB had shown improvement ever since the start of the competition but her opportunities are limited. In the end Amanda was handed a photo and was told by Georgina that it might be her last chance to stay in the competition due to several weeks of the blinking issue and inconsistency. KB was then sent home.

Photo Shoots