The Girl Who Flew to the Top
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 9
First aired May 20, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Barbara Katsuki
First call-out(s) Amanda Chan
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Tahlia Raji
Featured Photographer Jez Smith
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Wearing Alex Perry Gowns on a Harness
Special guests Bruno Pucci, Rich Franklin, Ming Leong, Kenneth Goh
Previous The Girl on a Mission
Next The Girl in the Driver's Seat
The Girl Who Flew to the Top is the ninth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-fifth episode overall.

Episode Summary

Gani thought it was unfair for Amanda to stay over KB since it was her third time in the bottom two while it was KB's first. Barbara speculated that there was favoritism going on between Alex Perry and Amanda. This led the models to have an evident separation in the house, with Barbara, Tahlia and Gani against Aimee, Amanda and Monika.

The girls headed on to a sparring session with Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Champion, Bruno Pucci and ONE Fighting Championship Vice President, Rich Franklin. Fitness and fears were tested as the models then underwent a punishing preparation with the MMA world champions and aerial gymnast, Ming Leong. All the girls did really well in the challenge but ultimately Barbara won her third challenge.

Barbara's prize for winning the challenge was a spa treatment at Sofitel So Singapore where she was asked to bring a friend with her to enjoy her prize with and she chose Gani. While Barbara and Gani enjoyed their spa treatment, Aimee, Amanda and Monika decided to go for a swim in the house, leaving Tahlia alone feeling awkward to socialize with them since they were not very close to each other and both her friends in the house went to the spa.

In the photo shoot, the girls were required to be raised and suspended in the air wearing Alex Perry-designed long gowns, and Jez Smith was again the man behind the lens. Amanda, Barbara and Monika were the clear standouts. Though Aimee did good, it was deemed to be a safe performance from her. Indonesian compatriots, Gani and Tahlia struggled. Back at the modelling house Gani and Tahlia started to get worried about their chances as they were seen evidently struggling during the shoot.

At panel, Amanda, Barbara and Monika got universal acclamation from all the judges, while Aimee was asked to push harder as she received lukewarm reactions from the judges. Gani and Tahlia were criticized for looking really short and had the Alex Perry gowns wearing them instead of them wearing the gowns. Amanda received her second best photo, Monika, Barbara and Aimee followed. Gani and Tahlia found themselves in the bottom two, but it was Tahlia who was sent home as Gani was deemed safe.

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