The Girl in the Driver's Seat
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 10
First aired May 27, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Aimee Bradshaw
First call-out(s) Monika Sta. Maria
Asia's Next Top Model
Featured Photographer
Featured Director Peter Werry
Photo Shoot
Commercial Motion Editorial for Subaru Forester
Special guests Ken Jones, Farah Quinn, Glenn Tan
Previous The Girl Who Flew to the Top
Next The Final Four Revealed
The Girl in the Driver's Seat is the tenth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-sixth episode overall.

Episode Summary

After Tahlia's elimination, Gani and Barbara can't stop crying. Gani stated that she really misses Tahlia, Melissa and KB. They became more emotional after reading Tahlia's letter.

For their challenge, the girls headed to the Port of Singapore where they were greeted by Ken Jones, the cruise director, where they need to find Alex and Joey in the Savoy theater in the Mariner of the Seas cruise ship for their catwalk challenge. When the girls found the theater, Joey said that if they were in the top 4, they would be cruising in that boat, courtesy of Royal Caribbean Cruises. Alex and Joey immediately explained that the mechanics of the challenge was to change into three looks, one minute each look, and to model each of the looks through a catwalk. Aimee was immediately called up first wherein she wasn't able to mentally prepare herself yet. She excelled in all of her looks however she wasn't able to properly zip the top of her third look but still did a great job in covering it up. Next was Gani, in her first look she had a little wardrobe malfunction. Overall, Alex and Joey thought all her walks were the same and were a little too safe. When it was Amanda's turn, her first and last walk was okay but when it was the second, she didn't finished changing her clothes. Monika's first and second walks were excellent however she was confused by her third look and wasn't able to finish changing her clothes. Barbara did a great job in modeling all three of the looks with a few seconds to spare in changing into each look. In the end, Alex and Joey was impressed with Aimee the most, making it her second challenge win. Gani said Barbara was more deserving to win the challenge than Aimee.

Model Lifestyle
Aimee Businesswoman
Amanda Tennis coach
Barbara Baker
Gani Architect
Monika Yoga master

At panel, Gani, Barbara and Amanda were heavily castigated for their performance being deemed as too safe. Aimee was praised for looking confident and for portraying her role very well. Monika was praised as well for her confidence and versatility in her shoot. In the end, Monika received her fourth best photo, followed by Aimee and Gani. Amanda and Barbara landed in the bottom two for opposite reasons. Amanda for standing out in the competition and winning two best photos, but lacking in experience and consistency. Barbara on the other hand, had the most experience but was too safe and didn't stand out. The episode ended with a cliffhanger scene, and the call-out was resumed next episode.