The Final Four Revealed
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 11
First aired June 3, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s)
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Amanda Chan
Featured Photographer
Featured Director
Photo Shoot
Special guests Ken Jones
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The Final Four Revealed is the eleventh episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-seventh episode overall.

Episode Summary

It was revealed that Amanda was eliminated over Barbara. Monika, Aimee, and even Georgina got emotional with Amanda’s elimination.

After the elimination, Monika said that Amanda was one of the girls that made her happy. Barbara said that Amanda doesn’t deserve to be in the competition while Gani said that Barbara feels upset and confused because she doesn’t have a first call–out.

The girls headed to a cruise trip. They did rock climbing and were welcomed with a special dinner. During the trip, Monika and Aimee had a jogging session while Gani and Barbara are sleeping. Gani wishes that she and Barbara could be in the top three. Barbara felt that it would be weird if she, Monika, and Aimee would be in the top three hence that she doesn’t talk too much to them.

After their trip, Monika observed that they were not going to the model house but instead to a different location.

The top 4 together with Georgina and Joey will have a one–on–one session but before which, they looked back some of the moments during the competition. Barbara said that she felt like being a “teenager” during week 1. Aimee said that the fun part in the competition was when they baked Celine’s cake. Georgina asked if who was the loudest in the house and they said KB while Barbara and Gani added Monika and Tahlia, respectively, to the list of the loudest girls. Georgina mentioned that Kiana made an impact to the girls and Monika addressed that she is an interesting person in the house. Monika made mention about the spa session at the model house during the time Gani and Barbara went to a spa house.

Aimee was the first one to have a one – on – one chat together with Joey. Aimee said that the most challenging photo shoot was the K–Pop photo shoot in week 2. They also talked about her makeover changing her perspective in herself. Asked if what her opinion is regarding that she needs to lose weight, she said that it makes her sad. She also said that she will not change just to please everybody, will not make her go down, and shall help her in the competition.

The girls talked about Tahlia. Barbara told that living with her is interesting while Gani said that she cheers up everyone.

Gani had the one–on–one session together with Georgina. Gani told that she was connected with everyone except Monika because she doesn’t want to make friends and much more focused with the competition, and her being irritating and being a different person behind the camera. They also talked about the conflict that aroused during week 7. After which, they talked about her doubts on herself being in the competition, Rani being her inspiration to win the competition, and her first call – out in week 6 being her highest point. Georgina also addressed the topic of her being better in prints rather than commercials. They then moved to the issue of Gani being bullied because of her looks and wanting to be an ambassador for bullied children. Asked if the haters and bashers would go away if she will make it to the top, she said that if she will win this competition, the bashers will see what she achieved.

The girls talked about their favorite challenges. Barbara told that it was the hula – hoop challenge during week 7. Aimee said that the flash mob challenge, particularly the choreography lessons during week 2 was fun. Gani expressed that the make – up challenge during week 4 was not fun for her. After which, Georgina asked the girls to say a girl’s name for every question that she asked. Asked when who works out every time in the house, they answered Monika. Asked when who dreaded working out, Aimee and Monika answered Amanda.

Monika was joined by Georgina for her session. They first talked about Monika’s competitive nature and Monika addressing that her competitiveness was to reach the top and not to put other girls down. She also took note of the girls talking behind her back. She then said that she wasn’t lying about anything and not a fake person, addressing it to Gani. They then talked about Monika’s struggles and said that she struggled most in the Zalora photo shoot during week 6. Georgina then move to a positive side of her having four first call – outs, the most in any girls in this season. Asked if given the chance to pick out of the three girls if who will win the competition, surprisingly, she answered Gani hence that she is perfect for the international runways, her bone structure, and how she could take amazing photographs. She also sees Gani as her biggest competitor and believes that she could go far in the industry.

The girls talked about the men who appeared in this season. Georgina saw Barbara blushing when Joey talked about Bruno Pucci who made an appearance in week 9.

The last girl to have a session is Barbara together with Joey. The first talked about Barbara’s confidence in the competition. She admitted that her confidence went down when she saw the photo from the Zalora photo shoot during week 6 telling that it was terrible and questioned herself if she was a model. Barbara also addressed her having the most experience in all the girls and seeing Amanda, having two first call – outs and have never modeled before, makes her feel bad. Also, she feels scared of being at the bottom and girls being better and stronger than her which happened in the bikini photo shoot in week 1 when she was the runner-up for best photo and in week 6 when she was ready going home and giving her slot to Monika. Barbara told to Joey that her friends, Gani and Tahlia, are a big influence for her to change. She then said that working with Jez Smith was amazing because he was a good photographer and wants to take more pictures even though he got the best photo.

Georgina and Joey then said to the girls that they are happy for them to be in the top four and they need show and prove to them that their slot is worth it.