The Cover Girl
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 12
First aired June 10, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Barbara Katsuki & Monika Sta. Maria
First call-out(s) Gani Ayu
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Barbara Katsuki
Featured Photographer Elvina Farkas
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Harper's Bazaar Four Decades of Fashion Covers
Special guests Liv Lo, Windy Aulia, Kenneth Goh, Damiano Biella, Kate Ang
Previous The Final Four Revealed
Next The Girl On Top
The Cover Girl is the twelfth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-eighth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The top four were taken to their new house at Villa Du Jardin 4 Villa Dillenia, where they were amazed with its amenity. The house was ornamented with Harper's Bazaar magazine covers in almost every corner. The girls also received gifts from Triumph which contained lingerie.

For their challenge, they were tasked to go to go-sees to impress three clients namely POIS, Braun Büffel and Triumph. The girls were divided into two groups, Aimee was with Monika and Barbara was with Gani.

Aimee and Monika went to their first go-see in POIS, a boutique which sells designer clothes, where they were greeted by model and presenter, Liv Lo, and Harper's Bazaar fashion editor, Windy Aulia. Their job was to present designer clothes in an eloquent way. Monika was up first where she was assigned to present the designs of Oscar de la Renta. Liv was very impressed with her. Aimee was next. She was tasked to present the designs of Mary Katrantzou. She made a big blunder by mistaking a top and bottom as a dress.

Barbara and Gani went to Braun Büffel for their first go-see where they met Kenneth Goh and creative director of Braun Büffel, Damiano Biella. They were needed to do a catwalk while showcasing the leather bags of the brand. Both Barbara and Gani failed to impress Kenneth and Damiano. Aimee and Monika also went to Braun Büffel for their second go-see. Aimee initially struggled but later excelled after following Damiano and Kenneth's directions. Monika also did well in showcasing the bag wherein Damiano said that she was very special and he would consider booking her.

Barbara and Gani later went to their second go-see at POIS. Mugler was the designer assigned to Gani. She showed her passion for fashion and performed very well during her presentation. Barbara's assigned designer was Roland Mouret in which she struggled and bumbled a lot during her presentation.

They all simultaneously went to their last go-see at Triumph where they saw Alex and the brand manager of Triumph Singapore, Kate Ang. The girls were instructed to guess their own bust size which will be compared to their actual measurements to be determined by expert fitters and later have a catwalk showing off Triumph lingeries. Gani guessed her bust size right which was 32 A. The client also said that Gani's walk was perfect for lingerie. Aimee's actual bust size, which was 32 A, was a bit smaller than her guess, 34 A. Kate said that she did a good job and her walk was very sensual. Barbara's actual measurement was two inches short with her guess, 34 C, with 32 C being her real bust size. She also did a very good job in showcasing the lingerie. The client said that Monika was underestimating her size a lot with two letters off with her guess, 32 B, and her original measurement, 32 D. Kate thought that she was changing her poses too fast. Kate Ang declared Barbara as her favorite. As her prize, she received $5,000 worth of bras with her correct bust size. Aimee stated that Barbara was the obvious winner because she has a big bust.

As they went home to their new house, they saw a red bag and an envelope containing a handwritten letter from Kenneth stating that the winner of the Braun Büffel go-see and the one who gets the red bag as her prize was Monika. Aimee and Gani immediately got jealous of Monika for winning the beautiful bag. Aimee expressed her dismay for not winning anything due to the fact that Barbara won bras for winning the Triumph go-see and Monika got a bag for winning the Braun Büffel go-see. Barbara also got jealous of Monika's bag while Gani said that Monika really needs those kind of bags.

The next morning, Kenneth and Georgina paid a visit to the new model house. They told the girls that their next photoshoot would be the most important yet, a Harper's Bazaar magazine cover. Kenneth had one-on-one sessions with each girl discussing their portfolio throughout the competition and on how they can be a good cover girl for Harper's Bazaar.

For their photoshoot, they met Alex Perry and their director for the shoot, Windy Aulia. They were also introduced to their photographer for the shoot, Elvina Farkas. Their theme was the four decades in which fashion was prominent the most. They were each assigned decades to portray:

Model Decade
Aimee '60s
Barbara '50s
Gani '80s
Monika '70s

Monika portrayed the '70s. She had problems with her hair due to repetitively flipping it but while the shoot was progressing, she kept getting better. The decade assigned to Barbara was the '50s, in which Windy was happy that they gave it to her because it suits her perfectly. However, Windy wanted more personality from her and Elvina said that she was pulling off catalog and not editorial. But as the shoot went on she starts getting better. Aimee also struggled during her shoot. Her brief was to look innocent but Windy said that she looked scared and looked like a Korean pop singer. Gani did very well during her shoot. Alex stated that he was obviously not into short girls but he sees an Asian Linda Evangelista in Gani.

At the judging panel, Kenneth Goh was back again as a guest judge. Monika recieved mostly positive feedbacks however, Kenneth said that she was staring through the camera in a not so friendly manner which was not suitable for a Harper's Bazaar cover. Aimee recieved negative feedbacks for looking scared rather than innocent in her photo. Barbara received lukewarm remarks for her photo. Georgina said that she imagines her photo as a cover in the 1950's but it lacked modernity. Gani received positive feedbacks, with her photo looking like a legit Harper's Bazaar cover. In the end, Gani recieved her third first call-out and was the first girl to advance through the finale. Monika was the second girl to be in the finals. Aimee and Barbara landed in the bottom two, Aimee for giving a lackluster photo despite being consistent throughout the competition, and Barbara for delivering an okay photo but was inconsistent at times in the competition. Georgina declared Aimee safe and was the last girl through to the finale while Barbara continues the Japanese legacy for being the third Japanese girl to place fourth in the history of the competition.

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