The Girl On Top
Background information
Cycle 3
Episode 13
First aired June 17, 2015
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s)
Asia's Next Top Model Ayu Gani
Featured Photographer Jean-Baptiste Fort
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Haute Couture during the Singapore Colonial Past
Special guests Liv Lo, Daniel Mananta, Yvette King, Joel Lim, Kenneth Goh, Elvina Farkas, Season 2 Contestants (Poojaa Gill, Josephine Tan, Nicole Lee, Jodilly Pendre, Elektra Yu), Lourd Ramos, Nathan Toth
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The Girl On Top is the thirteenth episode in the third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model.  It is the thirty-ninth episode overall.

Episode Summary

After Barbara's elimination, Gani was sad because she missed Barbara and her other close friends. The three remaining models had to face their final photo shoot in front of the Fullerton Hotel, wearing haute couture and supposed to do their best high fashion poses. At first, Monika seemed wary and uncertain about her poses, as Alex said as being a bit Modeling 101 poses. That turned much better after she sat on the balcony porch and eventually managed to get good photos. Aimee on the other hand definitely nailed the photoshoot from the start, even if she wore tight dresses and had to stand on a small triangle at one of the building's pillars. Gani struggled at most times, yet managed to pose well during the end of her photo session.

Back at the villa, Monika and Aimee were so excited with the next challenge, their final runway, as they practiced their catwalk strut a lot inside the villa. Their high spirit was very opposite to Gani, who felt hopelessly sad to had heard Alex's opinion about short girls in the modeling industry, particularly towards her in the competition.

The top three had their final runway at the CHIMES Hall. There they met Joey which then called Barbara, Tahlia, KB, Franchesca and Melissa to take part at the final runway. Their sudden appearance made the three of them (especially Gani) felt elated and more confident to do the runway show. While Franchesca supported her Philippines compatriot Monika; the other girls mostly supported Gani. Past guest judges, celebrities, hair stylist and makeup artists came up at the show, as well as several cycle two contestants to give their support to the top three.

All three girls and the eliminated models did a great job in the runway. Monika had the edge of being the conqueror of the runway, while Aimee fared well too. Yet the judges agreed that it was Gani who nailed the runway and had the best walk of the top three girls.

At the villa they reminisced of what they had been through during the whole competition for the last three months and what they may face in the future being in the industry. They evidently became good friends, surpassing upon what they had disagreement in the past, and supported one another.

At the panel, Monika had good reviews on the photo shoot and the runway show. Aimee had excellent comments unanimously from the judges on her photo shoot, yet deemed quite okay and a bit too safe during the final runway. Alex said that she should tone up her physique to become a better model than what she is now. Gani seemed nailing both the photo shoot and the runway, and mentioned that during the show she just wants to prove to Alex that short models can do catwalk as well as others. Senior STORM modeling scout Nathan Toth from London commented that with her short stature, she still could get modeling jobs in Europe as long as she performed on prints and on the runways excellently.

During the deliberation, the three girls hugged together outside the judging panel and wished one another luck for grabbing the title. At the deliberation, Aimee was not deemed ready for the modeling industry, as Nathan looked her as a rough diamond needs to be refined later on. Monika was quite persistent and passionate with the modeling life, yet Kenneth and Joey said she lacks the X-factor. Gani was excellent as the show's ambassador, but her height might give hindrance to her career.

When being called for the announcement of the winner, the three models were surprised when their family was coming into the set. Aimee was called out first by Georgina, who revealed that she was not the winner.

Monika and Gani were called forward, and Georgina asked about their feelings about becoming the top two models. Monika said that she was happy and it was a dream come true for her to be in that spot, whilst Gani mentioned that she wants to prove everybody doubting her and other short models that they can be in her spot as other taller models. Georgina then announced that Gani was the third winner of Asia's Next Top Model. Monika was the third runner-up in a row to represent the Philippines.

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