The Girl Who Had No Bed
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 1
First aired March 9, 2016
Aired online March 22, 2016
Challenge winner(s) Patricia Gunawan
First call-out(s) Tuti Noor
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Maya Goldman
Featured Photographer BJ Pascual
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Harper's Bazaar March 1963 cover inspired
Special guests Kenneth Goh
Previous The Girl On Top
Next The Girl Who Bounced Back
The Girl Who Had No Bed is the first episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fortieth episode overall.

Episode Summary

The fourteen chosen models arrived at the Singapore Sports Hub and were greeted by editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar Singapore Kenneth Goh and model Kelly Tandiono, who revealed that she will be a permanent judge for the remainder of the competition. The girls were then introduced to the host, model Cindy Bishop who walked down an uneven runway with multiple edges. The girls were set their first challenge - in which they had to walk down the same runway and pose at each edge. Patricia, Sang-in and Tuti impressed the judges, while Maya was castigated for not looking like a model.

The girls moved into their new house in the South Beach Hotel. Sang-in was left without a bed, as there were only thirteen beds available. The girls then received their first Cindy Mail, and Cindy herself (in a video recording) told the girls about a major change in the show format: a "scoring system", based on that introduced on the nineteenth cycle of America's Next Top Model), will be implemented, with each girl receiving a score of 1 to 10 based on their performance at challenges and photo shoots. Cindy then announced that the girl with the lowest score for the challenge that took place earlier would be immediately eliminated. The challenge scores were revealed, with Patricia getting the highest score at 9.5, and therefore winning the challenge, and Maya the lowest at 3.3, meaning she was out of the competition.

The next day, the girls participated in their first photo shoot, the theme of which was "Fashion Transcends Time"; they were styled in 60's fashion in a giant bubble suspended high up. Patricia's shoot entertained the judges, while Tuti and Aldilla impressed as well. Mai Ngo was praised for her creativity, while Angie was criticised for posing in an inappropriate way for her skirt. Tugs, Tawan and Gwen all failed to impress. Back at the house, Alaiza noticed that Mai Ngo was taking all the house's food supply for herself and didn't share with the others. She told the rest of the girls about this and they considered talking to Mai Ngo about her behaviour.

At judging panel, Tuti, Alaiza, Aldilla and Patricia were all lauded for their performances, while Angie was reprimanded for her inappropriate posing. Backstage, while waiting for the judges to calculate their scores, Alaiza, Angie and Tuti confronted Mai Ngo about her behavior. Tuti received the highest score of the week, while Angie and Gwen landed in the bottom two. Cindy handed the last photograph to Angie. However, in a twist, Cindy revealed that Gwen was safe, since there had already been an elimination that week.

Photo Shoots


Model Cindy Kelly Kenneth Challenge Total
1 Tuti 10 10 8.5 9 37.5
2 Aldilla 9 9 8.5 6.7 33.2
3 Alaiza 8 8 8.5 8 32.5
4 Patricia 7 7 8 9.5 31.5
5 Julian 7 8 8 7.7 30.7
6 May 8 7 7.5 6.7 29.2
7 Mai Ngo 7 8 8.5 4 27.5
8 Sang In 8 7 6 5.3 26.3
9 Tawan 6 5 6 8.3 24.3
10 Tugs 4 2 5 7.5 18.5
11 Jessica 5 5 4 5 19.0
12 Angie 13.8 4.2 18.0
13 Gwen 10.0 7.3 17.3
  • There was an inconsistency during the calculation of the scores for episode 1: Tugs received a lower score (18.5) than Jessica (19.0), yet was called earlier than the latter. Also, Angie and Gwen's respective judges scores weren't revealed, only the total scores of each girl were shown.