The Girl Who Bounced Back
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 2
First aired March 16, 2016
Aired online March 29, 2016
Challenge winner(s) Angie Watkins
First call-out(s) Angie Watkins
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Tugs Saruul
Featured Photographer BJ Pascual
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Trampoline shoot at SCAPE Singapore
Special guests BJ Pascual
Previous The Girl Who Had No Bed
Next The Girl Who Got Cut

The Girl Who Bounced Back is the second episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the forty-first episode overall.

Episode Summary

Back at the house, the models were relieved that none of them were eliminated, especially Gwen. Mai Ngo took the opportunity to apologize to the other girls about her attitude earlier that week, although Tuti doubted the sincerity of her apology. They received Cindy Mail metioning "bouncing", and were later brought to the AMPED Park, Singapore's first indoor trampoline park. They were greeted by Kelly and a personal trainer for a lesson about composure and elegance while jumping on the trampoline. Jessica sprained her ankle while on the trampoline and had to be taken to the hospital. Many of the girls thought Jessica injured herself on purpose so that she would not have to partake in the lesson.

Kelly revealed that their challenge for the week would take place in the stadium itself. The girls had to pose while jumping from the trampoline. Tuti, Tugs and Patricia struggled. Jessica didn't participate in the challenge because she was still in hospital. Angie won the challenge and was rewarded a $1,000 shopping spree from Zalora. While reviewing their challenge scores for that week, Jessica returned from the hospital and noticed that she was given a 0 for not participating. Tension brewed between Jessica and the other girls when Gwen said that Jessica had told her she was "happy" to have gotten injured because she would not have to participate in the lesson. This lead to the girls, particularly Gwen and Alaiza, talking behind Jessica's back all week.

At the photo shoot the bouncing theme continued, and the girls had to pose gracefully in mid-air while jumping on a trampoline at the top of SCAPE Singapore. Mai Ngo and her extensive dancing background impressed Kelly immensely, with Angie, May and Julian also impressing. Patricia struggled with timing and was told by Kelly that her performance was very weak. Jessica, who was still on crutches, was allowed to pose at the edge of the trampoline with either a wheelchair or her crutches, much to the dismay of the other girls.

Before judging, Jessica told the girls that she knew they had been talking about her behind her back, and that she wouldn't demand an apology from them because she was only there for the competition. The girls dismissed this, with Julian openly admitting that she hoped Jessica would be sent home. At panel, the judges applauded Angie's improvement and also praised Mai Ngo and Julian, while criticizing Tugs, Aldilla, Patricia and Tawan for their weak photographs. Tugs' photo reminded the judges of a "squashed frog". Jessica's photograph impressed the judges, but she was reprimanded for not participating in the challenge. Ultimately, Tugs and Jessica wound up in the bottom two. Although Tugs had been 4 points ahead of Jessica in the challenge, Jessica's score from the judges put her ahead of Tugs, who was subsequently sent home.

Photo Shoots


Model Cindy Kelly BJ Challenge Total
1 Angie 10 10 10 8.8 38.8
2 Mai Ngo 10 8 10 7 35
3 Julian 9 9 9 7.5 34.5
4 Alaiza 8 8 8 7 31
5 Sang In 5 8 8 6 27
6 May 7 7 7 5 26
7 Tuti 7 7.5 7 4.5 26
8 Tawan 6 7 6 5.8 24.8
9 Aldilla 6 4 6 7.1 23.1
10 Patricia 4 5 5 6.8 20.8
11 Gwen 6 2 4 8.3 20.3
12 Jessica 16 0 16
13 Tugs 9 4 13
  • Jessica and Tugs' scores from the judges were not revealed.