The Girl Who Got Cut
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 3
First aired March 23, 2016
Aired online April 5, 2016
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s) Sang In Kim
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Mai Ngô Thị Quỳnh
Featured Photographer Joel Lim
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Comp cards
Special guests Kenneth Goh, Lourd Ramos, Mervin Wee
Previous The Girl Who Bounced Back
Next The Girl Who Crashed And Burned

The Girl Who Got Cut is the third episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the forty-second episode overall.

Episode Summary

Back at the model house, everybody congratulated Angie for having received best photo. The following day, a Cindy Mail arrived along with a gift containing hair cutouts, signifying makeover week. Mai Ngo expressed concern over not wanting a short haircut. The makeovers were administered at the Jean Yip Hub. Most girls received drastic changes and cried during their makeovers. May, Jessica and Mai Ngo openly expressed their distaste of their new hairdos, while Alaiza confessed that she was jealous of the other girls for getting more drastic makeovers, since her own makeover didn't make her look any different than before. Back at home, Tuti, Tawan and Aldilla compared themselves to Kenneth and Lourd.

For the photo shoot, the girls had to pose for various different shots to be used in professional comp cards. They were each given 20 minutes for 2 frames of each comp card. Kelly noted that, since there had been no challenge for the week, all their scores would be based solely on the photo shoot. Patricia and Tuti impressed Kelly, while May, Gwen, Alaiza, Julian, and Mai Ngo struggled. Sang In was ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. The other girls worried that her absency in the photo shoot would result in an automatic elimination, but she made it back to the studio and was rushed to finish her shoot. Sang In rocked her photo shoot, much to everyone's surprise.

At panel, Sang In's photo was met with universal praise. Tuti, Aldilla and Angie impressed as well, while May was critiqued for not working the brief she aimed. The judges praised Gwen's efforts to get out of her "beauty queen" comfort zone but criticized her comp card. Together with Mai Ngo she wound up in the bottom two. The final scores were revealed, and with a difference of 4 points, Mai Ngo was sent home.

Photo Shoots


Model Cindy Kelly Kenneth Lourd Total
1 Sang In 10 10 10 10 40.0
2 Tuti 10 9 9 9 37.0
3 Aldilla 10 8 9 9.5 36.5
4 Angie 9 7.5 8 8.2 32.7
5 Jessica 8 7 7 8.1 30.1
6 Tawan 7 8.5 6 7 28.5
7 Patricia 8 6 5 8 27.0
8 May 7 5.5 5 8 25.5
9 Julian 8 5 6 6 25.0
10 Alaiza 7 6.5 4 6 23.5
11 Gwen 22 22.0
12 Mai Ngo 18 18.0
  • Gwen and Mai Ngo's scores from the judges were not revealed.