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The Girl Who Crashed And Burned
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 4
First aired March 30, 2016
Aired online April 12, 2016
Challenge winner(s) Angie Watkins
First call-out(s) Tawan Kedkong
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Gwen Ruais
Quit Alaiza Malinao
Featured Photographer Nat Prakobsantisuk
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Posing with Subaru Forester cars
Special guests Daniel Boey, Glenn Tan, Monika Sta. Maria, Natalie Pickles, Nicole Chung
Previous The Girl Who Got Cut
Next The Girl Who Went To The Big Apple

The Girl Who Crashed And Burned is the fourth episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the forty-third episode overall.

Episode Summary

Back at the house, everybody marveled at Sang-in's best photo. Cindy mentioned beforehand that Sang In would receive a special prize as a part of her best photo win, which turned out to be a 40-minute phone call for her to use for herself or to share with someone else. Tension brewed when Jessica asked May if she could move to Mai Ngo's old bed, with May quickly rebuffing the idea. The frustration led Jessica to tell to Sang-in that a call with her family would really give her extra strength to keep on continuing, to which Sang-in agreed, sharing 10 minutes of her reward with Jessica.

Their challenge was set on the beach and involved the girls practicing paddle board yoga with Nicole Chung, where they had to replicate Nicole's yoga poses on a surfboard while floating in the water. Gwen's determination couldn't stop her from being the first one falling off her board, and in the end it was between Angie and Julian to win the challenge. Angie triumphed and won her second consecutive challenge. She received an unusually high challenge score of 15 as her prize.

  • Challenge Winner: Angie Watkins

The girls were then brought to their photo shoot and were greeted by Daniel Boey, who last appeared in the first cycle. The photo shoot involved them posing wearing long gowns in front of speeding Subaru Forester cars. The models were introduced to the CEO of Subaru himself, Glenn Tan, along with two models from the previous cycles, Natalie from cycle 2 and Monika from cycle 3. Everyone struggled to some degree, but Tawan impressed Daniel immensely.

At panel, the girls were introduced to Yu Tsai, the creative director of America's Next Top Model, who would be their fourth judge of the evening. Although the way she presented herself was criticized, Tawan wowed everyone in the room with her photograph, while everyone else received mixed comments. Alaiza was reprimanded by Cindy for appearing unsure of herself and her place in the competition, while Gwen once again failed to impress. Cindy then announced that there would be a double elimination for the week.

During elimination, Tawan received best photo, and it was announced that she would be awarded immunity for next week's photo shoot, and would also be chosen as the 2016 Subaru ambassador by Glenn Tan. Cindy became upset when Alaiza answered "we'll see" when she was asked if modeling is her passion. Ultimately, Aldilla, Gwen, and Sang In, ended up as the bottom three. Gwen was eliminated first, with Aldilla following shortly after. However, Cindy announced that she couldn't eliminate Aldilla as she saw her determination, and proceeded to ask Alaiza whether or not she wished to stay. After a tense pause, Alaiza said no and quit the competition, much to the shock of the other girls, allowing Aldilla to remain in the competition.

Photo Shoots


Model Cindy Daniel Yu Tsai Glenn Challenge Total
1 Tawan 10 10 10 10 6 46.0
2 Angie 8 8 7 7 15 45.0
3 Alaiza 7 7 6 6 9 35.0
4 Patricia 8 7 6 6 7 34.0
5 Tuti 8 8 7 5 6 34.0
6 Julian 7 5 5 4 12 33.0
7 May 9 8 6 3 5 31.0
8 Jessica 7 5.5 5 8 3 28.5
9 Sang In 18 2 20.0
10 Aldilla 15 4 19.0
11 Gwen 14 1 15.0
  • Aldilla, Gwen and Sang In's scores from the judges were not revealed.