The Girl Who Drove Into The Spotlight
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 8
First aired April 27, 2016
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Angie Watkins
First call-out(s) Patricia Gunawan
Asia's Next Top Model
Featured Photographer
Featured Director Kevin Ou
Photo Shoot
Commercial Subaru XV promotional music video
Special guests Daniel Boey, Glenn Tan, Pevita Pearce, Chelsea Scott-Blackhall, Zenchi
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The Girl Who Drove Into The Spotlight is the eight episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the forty-seventh episode overall.

Episode Summary

At the model house Tuti found a note left by May, thanking the former for being a great roommate for her. Patricia marveled her first best photo win, while Angie shared the story about her eyes infection caused by wearing too much makeup, and now she had to wear glasses to prevent the irritation even further. Angie then admitted that she's somewhat insecure of having to wear glasses, since it could hinder her from excelling and she knew that the others are strong competitors. Afterwards, the girls were lounging around when a Cindy Mail arrived, telling them about their once-in-a-cycle challenge: the go-see.

They have a total of three clients to meet: Pevita Pearce of Maybelline, Chelsea Scott and Zenchi. The girls were told to form three groups of two, and they will be judged against each other, so they initiated to form groups where the commercial models to be paired off with the editorial ones. Angie & Julian, Patricia & Tuti and Sang-in & Tawan went off as pairs. Pevita Pearce told the models that she was looking for a girl to be in a campaign for Maybelline 2016, and in the end everyone received positive commentaries from her.

Chelsea Scott and Zenchi were both looking for runway models to book. Julian was distracted by the presence of Yu Tsai, whom she is uncomfortable working with, at the casting for Zenchi, while Sang-in ended up overthinking everything and came off as uninspiring to both clients. Chelsea praised Angie's striking look and Julian's confidence, while Zenchi was impressed by Tuti, Angie and Tawan. Patricia also impressed both clients with her stellar walk. Back at the model house, the girls are surprised by the appearance of Yu Tsai, who proceeded to give them the results of their go-sees. Sang-in ended up booking none, while Angie booked all three clients, earning Angie her third challenge win. Aside from being booked by all three clients, it was revealed that Angie had also won the aforementioned Maybelline 2016 campaign.

Group Models Maybelline Dzojchen Zenchi
1 Patricia Yes No Yes
Tuti No Yes Yes
2 Angie Yes Yes Yes
Julian No Yes No
3 Sang In No No No
Tawan No No Yes

The girls were then greeted by Daniel Boey, who revealed that this week's photo shoot was replaced by a music video campaign for Subaru XV, directed by Kevin Ou, and the result will be displayed in Subaru showrooms across the world. The brief was showing total confidence in a nightclub setting, and in the end all six models posed in front of a Subaru XV. Subaru CEO Glenn Tan once again makes an appearance during the shoot. Patricia was praised for incorporating her energy and confidence to the theme, while Tawan pleased Daniel for being a natural in front of the camera. Angie impressed as well, although both her and Daniel were concerned about her not being able to see well since she had to take her glasses off. The other three girls received more mixed responses; Julian was deemed as unmemorable, Tuti failed to find her light and Sang-in fell flat.

At the judging panel, their campaign was premiered and was loved by the judges and models alike. Individually, Patricia and Angie shone, while Tuti was criticized for missing her mark and ruining her take. Patricia ended up earning her second consecutive best performance, and Glenn revealed that she, too, had been chosen as a Subaru Ambassador for 2016, alongside Tawan. Conversely, Sang-in and Tuti ended up in the bottom two. Sang-in was spared by a difference of 1.0 point, but since the judges were impressed by the girls' performance to some degree, Cindy revealed that Tuti had been allowed to remain in the competition as well.



Music Video


Model Cindy Yu Tsai Daniel Glenn Chal. Total
1 Patricia 9.0 9.3 10.0 10.0 7.7 46.0
2 Angie 9.0 9.2 10.0 9.0 8.3 45.5
3 Tawan 10.0 8.0 9.0 8.0 7.3 42.3
4 Julian 9.0 9.0 8.0 6.0 7.3 39.3
5 Sang In 23.0 7.0 30.0
6 Tuti 21.5 7.5 29.0
  • Sang In and Tuti's scores from the judges were not revealed.