The Girl Who Had It Covered
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 11
First aired May 18, 2016
Aired online
Challenge winner(s) Sang In Kim
First call-out(s) Patricia Gunawan & Sang In Kim
Asia's Next Top Model
Featured Photographer Yu Tsai
Featured Director
Photo Shoot Harper's Bazaar covers
Special guests Kenneth Goh, Nicole Warne, Tay Cheng Cheng, Kate Upton (video message)
Previous The Girl Who Tripped And Fell
Next The Girl On The Road To The Grand Finale

The Girl Who Had It Covered is the eleventh episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fiftieth episode overall.

Episode Summary

Returning after the previous panel, Sang In, Tawan and Patricia were all happy for Julian's best performance win. The next day, the models were suddenly greeted by Yu Tsai and the week's special guest, Nicole Warne, social media expert and the founder of Gary Pepper. The girls learned tips about handling their Instagram accounts and how to increase their followers number from Nicole: Julian was advised to mix up her professional modeling photos and personal photos, while Patricia and Tawan were both told to feature more of their modeling shots. Conversely, Sang In was noted for featuring too much of her modeling works and not enough for her personality to shine through.

Yu Tsai then returned with Tay Cheng Cheng, the communication director of Sentosa Island Singapore, and explained that for their last challenge they would have to make video campaigns and photo montages of Sentosa Island. The models were told to pair up, although they will be judged individually.

Julian & Sang In
Patricia & Tawan

Patricia wanted Tawan to be more focused instead of goofing around, while Sang In had difficulty handling Julian's perfectionist attitude. At the end, everybody had a great time doing the challenge. Back at the model house, both Yu Tsai and Nicole Warne assessed their campaigns. All four campaigns were praised by the two judges: Sang In for showing her bubbly side, Patricia for her ability to make everyone happy, Julian for appearing warm and Tawan for her positive energy. The results were close, but it was Sang In who was chosen as the winner.

After receiving a confusing Cindy Mail, the girls were greeted by Yu Tsai and Kenneth Goh on the studio, where they will be shooting their mock Harper's Bazaar covers. The girls were also greeted by Kate Upton (via video recording), who shared her first Harper's Bazaar cover, which was shot by Yu Tsai, who will also be their photographer for the day. The girls were also given specific themes to portray in their covers.

Model Theme
Julian Asia
Patricia Beauty
Sang In Fashion
Tawan Power

The girls all had difficulties to some degree producing their best covers. Sang In understood Yu Tsai's directions, but had difficulty executing her poses. After an intervention from him, Sang In finally managed to deliver. Patricia was having problems with her mouth being too tense, while Julian once again was unable to follow his directions. Tawan didn't fare any better than the other three as she was criticized by Yu Tsai and Kenneth for appearing stiff and not showing a lot of energy throughout. Back at the house, a Cindy mail came and the girls were treated with a break and they could choose to either had a day off by the beach or dancing all night in a concert for Tiesto. Julian and Sang In chose to go to the beach, while Patricia and Tawan decided to go to the concert.

At panel, the models were applauded by their strong covers. Patricia was praised for being able to tone down her energy and producing an intriguing cover, and while Julian's pose was praised, she was criticized for having a blank and vacant expression. Yu Tsai disliked the fact that Sang In needed tons of directions, but her cover was loved by the judges nonetheless. Tawan received mixed critiques as her cover was loved by Kenneth & Nicole, whereas Cindy & Yu Tsai critiqued her for interpreting the theme to a literal level. At the end, Patricia earned her third best performance in which her editorial will be published in Harper's Bazaar. However, in a twist Cindy revealed that there would also be another girl whose editorial will be published, which was Sang In, as their scores were tied for the best performance. Julian and Tawan landed in the bottom two, both for producing good covers, but were deemed not enough to stand out in a such strong week, but before their final scores were revealed, the episode ended with a cliffhanger, in which the results will be revealed on the next episode.

Photo Shoots


Model Cindy Yu Tsai Kenneth Nicole Chal. Total
1 Patricia 9.0 9.0 8.8 8.5 7.7 43.0
Sang In 9.0 9.0 8.5 8.2 8.3 43.0
3 Julian
  • The final scores were revealed the following episode