The Girl On The Road To The Grand Finale
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 12
First aired May 25, 2016
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s)
Asia's Next Top Model
Eliminated Julian Flores
Featured Photographer
Featured Director
Photo Shoot
Special guests Kenneth Goh
Previous The Girl Who Had It Covered
Next The Girl Who Walked Away with Everything

The Girl On The Road To The Grand Finale is the twelfth episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fifty-first episode overall.


Model Judges Chal. Total
3 Tawan 34.0 7.5 41.5
4 Julian 32.2 7.8 40.0

Episode Summary

Picking up from where the previous episode ended, it was revealed that Julian had the lowest combined scores and therefore was eliminated, while Patricia, Sang In and Tawan all advanced to the final three.

Much of the episode was edited in the nature of a recap episode, with commentaries from the judges and the finalists intertwining between the scenes. After Julian's elimination, the girls were treated with champagne and fondue for making to the top three. The next day, a Cindy Mail told them that they were invited to have a meal at the underwater restaurant in Sentosa Island Singapore, where they were joined by Kenneth Goh.

During their meal, Kenneth asked various questions about their journey on Top Model. Patricia thought winning the very first runway challenge gave her an extra boost, despite not having the runway height herself. She also reminisced back to when Jessica was injured, Tuti as her best friend and her winning three best performances. Tawan wished she could've did better on the Comp card photo shoot in week 3, recalled the moment where many girls cried over their makeovers (which Tawan didn't think to be as drastic as her own) and the times where she opted to be silent because she didn't quite understand English. Sang In shared the stories of being best friend with Jessica, Alaiza's shock exit and her experience working with Yu Tsai. Afterwards, Kenneth showed the girls their childhood photos and how far they've come.

Cindy, Kelly and Yu Tsai all gave commentaries throughout the episode as well. Cindy praised Patricia for setting the standard for the girls on the runway, Tawan for being able to transform in photograph and Sang In for her editorial look. Yu Tsai recalled his more confrontational moments, as well as when he was impressed with the finalists' performances on the Harper's Bazaar cover shoot which he shot, while Kelly commended the girls in this season for standing out since the first time she saw all of them.

The next day, the finalists received another Cindy Mail, and before the girls could guess the meaning of the mail's content, guests suddenly entered the model house much to their excitement, although the guests weren't revealed until the next episode.