The Girl Who Walked Away With Everything
Background information
Cycle 4
Episode 13
First aired June 1, 2016
Aired online
Challenge winner(s)
First call-out(s)
Asia's Next Top Model Tawan Kedkong
Featured Photographer Joel Lim
Featured Director
Photo Shoot
Special guests Kenneth Goh, Miss J. Alexander, Katie Atkin, Priscilla I'Anson, Daniel Boey
Previous The Girl On The Road To The Grand Finale
The Girl Who Walked Away With Everything is the thirteenth episode in the fourth cycle of Asia's Next Top Model. It is the fifty-second episode overall.

Episode Summary

In a direct continuation from where the previous episode ended, it was revealed that the guests coming to the model house were Patricia and Sang In's parents and Tawan's best friend. The families and friend brought a surprise to the finalists, in which they were all treated to have a day off together at the Sentosa Island Singapore.

The next day, the three remaining girls were greeted by Yu Tsai and Cindy, who reunited the girls with Joel Lim, who will be their photographer. Their very last photo shoot required the girls to be posing while wearing avant-garde designs by Filipino designer Happy Andrada. Yu Tsai noted that Patricia started out looking sleepy, but her sheer determination impressed him and by the end he was impressed. Tawan had difficulty with her outfit, which caused her a lot of pain while she's posing, while Sang In was deemed as clueless, although both managed to turn it out by the end.

Model Theme
Patricia Indonesian Jasmine
Sang In Gangnam
Tawan Thai Sabai

Afterwards the models were rushed to the location of their final runway show. After being greeted by Daniel Boey, the girls were reunited with the last five eliminated models (Aldilla, May, Tuti, Angie and Julian) who will also take part of the final runway show with them. The theatrical final runway show was attended by some of the fashion big names, including the guest judges from across the season, and the models walked the runway twice each. Sang In was panned by the judges for missing the lights not only once but twice, Tawan was noted for looking like she's rushing to pose, while Patricia as expected excelled both times.

The final judging panel was done at the runway stage. Tawan was praised for her walk, potential and having a standout avant-garde photo, while Sang In was criticized for performing the worst in the most crucial runway show of the season, although her final shot was loved. Conversely, Patricia was praised for her outstanding runway walk, although Kelly disliked the outcome of her final shot. After deliberation was over, Tawan was crowned the fourth winner of Asia's Next Top Model, making her the second Thai winner of the competition.

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