Iko Bustomi is an Indonesian model who competes in Cycle 6.


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Iko Bustomi

A traditional Indonesian beauty, Iko started modelling to help financially take care of her huge family. Booking jobs from runways to commercial print, Iko is confident in pulling off a range of looks. She has a cheery and optimistic personality, which could make it hard to knock her down.

"With her cheery & optimistic personality,

it will hard to knock her down

even in this cutthroat competition."

Height: 174cm
Age: 22
Country: Indonesia
Favourite feature: cheekbones, skin colour
Favourite model: Karlie Kloss, Coco Rocha
Favourite designers: Tex Saverio, Sebastian Gunawan
Phobias: blood
If modelling doesn't work out: She would like to be a news anchor or a journalist.



Model History

Episode Weekly Challenge Photoshoot Judging Panel
Photo Call Out Order Score Position
1 Survived
6th of 12 32.9 Safe
2 no challenge
Adela Iko
11th of 11 16.5 Eliminated