Jesslyn Lim is an Indonesian model who competes in Cycle 6.


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Jesslyn Lim

A model to be reckoned with, Jesslyn is a feisty go-getter who works hard to get what she wants. She is unafraid to express her opinions. Excited to be challenged by younger models, she believes that her maturity, age and experience will help her come out on top.

"This feisty go getter is not afraid to speak her mind.

She works hard for what she wants.

Don't get in her way."

Height: 178cm
Age: 26
Country: Indonesia
Favourite feature: eyes
Favourite model: Kate Moss
Favourite designers: Raf Simons, Alexander Wang, Hian Tjen, Mel Ahyar
Phobias: cockroaches
If modelling doesn't work out: She will continue her master's degree and go for TV presenter or anything creative with digital media.



Model History

Episode Weekly Challenge Photoshoot Judging Panel
Photo Call Out Order Score Position
1 Survived
11th of 12 31.7 Bottom
2 no challenge
Jesslyn Mia
10th of 11 17.5 Bottom
3 Loss
9th of 10 32.5 Eliminated