Asia's Next Top Model Wiki

Photo shoots are the major segments in all top model franchise. It may involve beauty shots (closeup photos emphasizing the face), posing in swimwear, lingerie or other clothing, posing nude or semi-nude, posing with a male model, or posing with animals among other themes. Usually one photo shoot per cycle is replaced with a television commercial or music video shoot.

Performance in each week's photo or video shoot weighs heavily in the final judging.

Photo Shoots

Cycle Episode Photo Shoot
1 1 Quirky girls in Little India. PS1.1.png
1 2 Prada group shot for Harper's Bazaar. PS1.2.png
1 3 Chinese zodiac PS1.3.png
1 4 Boxing with Jason Godfrey PS1.4.png
1 5 French Riviera women PS1.5.png
1 6 TRESemmé hair campaign PS1.6.png
1 7 Environmental campaign for WWF PS1.7.png
1 8 Wearing red gowns at the National Library Museum PS1.8.png
1 9 Underwater mermaids in Michael Cinco couture PS1.9.png
1 10 Extreme body movement in B&W PS1.10.png
1 12 1920's screen starlets in the streets of Hong Kong PS1.11.png
1 13 Harper's Bazaar covers Jessica12.jpg
2 1 Opening stills PS2.1.png
2 2 Malaysian couture goddesses in Batu Caves. PS2.2.png
2 3 Winter wonderland scene in stylish lingerie. PS2.3.png
2 4 60's chic in a hair salon. PS2.4.png
2 5 Embodying futuristic sports. PS2.5.png
2 6 Couture gowns in a Subaru assembly plant. PS2.6.png
2 7 TRESemmé ads overlooking the Kuala Lumpur skyline. PS2.7.png
2 8 Pangkor Laut resort editorial. PS2.8.png
2 9 Native jungle warriors in the Borneo jungle. PS2.9.png
2 10 Alex Perry gowns in the Gaya Island beach. PS2.10.png
2 11 Posing with luggage for Malaysia Airlines. PS2.11.png
2 12 Harper's Bazaar editorial PS2.12.png
2 13 Kampung life during nightfall. PS2.13.png

Commercials and music videos

Cycle Episode Photo Shoot
1 6 TRESemmé hair campaign C1.6.png
1 13 Canon IXUS
3 10 Motion editorial for Subaru Forester C3.10.png
4 8 Subaru XV promotional music video C4.8.png