Thanh Vy Nguyễn is a Vietnamese model who competes in Cycle 6.


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Thanh Vy Nguyễn

Thanh Vy was barely an adult when she became the sole breadwinner at home, after her parents were both diagnosed with cancer. This experience made her strong, and she has honed her modeling and acting skills over the past 10 years – making her a formidable contender.

"She's had her share of dark times

But now it's her turn to step into the light

And she's going to shine."

Height: 168 cm
Age: 23
Country: Vietnam
Favourite feature: neck
Favourite model: N/A
Favourite designers: Christian Dior
Phobias: cockroaches, ghosts, drama
If modelling doesn't work out: She will become a business woman. She is also interested in humanity and social activities. This girl knows that she has a lot to do with the crazy world!



Model History

Episode Weekly Challenge Photoshoot Judging Panel
Photo Call Out Order Score Position
1 Survived
8th of 12 32.4 Safe
2 no challenge
Pim Vy
5th of 11 24.5 Safe
3 Win
2nd of 10 43.0 Safe
4 Loss
Adela Vy
7th of 9 31.0 Safe
5 Loss
3rd of 8 33.6 Safe
6 Loss
6th of 7 21.5 Bottom
7 Loss
6th of 6 25.7 Eliminated


  • Thanh Vy is the shortest model of her cycle.